Many cosmetics companies are taking advantage of our need to fight against signs of aging. The prices of these miracle “concoctions can run as high as $ 200 for a cream! So what is in these small jars of hope and promise? Looking through the ingredients and deciphering the scientific names, you may discover that some of the ingredients are derived from fruits and vegetables they buy regularly in the Production section of our favorite grocery store. A simple fruit, grapes, has been used in anti-aging treatments as an antioxidant and rejuvenating the skin. Seed or seedless? With seeds! An additional benefit is provided when you use grapes with seeds. The seeds contain proanthocyanidin which is considered a powerful antioxidant. A study shows that grapeseeds can be a powerful healer of the skin.

Besides being a powerful healer, it also makes a wonderful skin softener, as well as improve skin texture. Want a way easy to put conditioner grape skin and the healing properties of the test? Open a white grape and rub the mashed grapes in the face and neck. Leave for 15 minutes or until dry and rinse with warm water. Repeat daily. In a week or two, it can be difficult to find the stories, “say the signs of aging, when you consult with your mirror! Danielle Sims explored her library of alternative health, herbal books, and aromatherapy books and created a plan to make your own body adjustment formulas at home. .

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