All of them with extraordinary art were made of colored wax, and looked almost indistinguishable from the living. On the birthday of the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna she received from the company's famous Moscow perfumer Brocard rather unusual gift: this most amazing vase with flowers made of wax, each of which exuded a natural flavor. Odors easily and pleasantly giddy and merged into an unusual bunch. The Empress ordered a new perfume called "Favorite flower Empress", and finally got the coveted Brokar highest decree, which he favored the title of "Supplier of the Imperial Household." Spirits are legendary and have acquired unparalleled popularity in Russia and abroad. According to another legend, after the death Brocard in 1913, arrived in Moscow in August Monsieur Michel to join the famous Association.

Michelle came with no empty hands, and with aromakompozitsiey own invention – the spirits of "Favorite flower Empress", created specifically for the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, and came at an opportune moment, the 300 th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty. Spirits literally intoxicated throughout the country. In 1917 the factory was nationalized: the legendary Empire Brocard "turned into" Zamoskvoretsky perfume and soap factory N 5. Michelle could not stand such ugliness, and in 1922 made a proposal. No matter – the so-called perfume company, most recently, which took a deserved international fame. So if the Bolsheviks both wants new traditions and decisions, let the plant would be called "New Dawn". So with a light hand another old French perfumer Empire Brocard "became" New dawn ".

Michelle introduced new sentence: "Perfume" Favorite flower Empress "can be renamed to" Red Moscow ". And men in leather jackets again agreed. Red and white package design, proposed by the artist Evseev for the entire fragrance line "Red Moscow" has remained unchanged since 1925. In figure bottle in the shape of the Kremlin towers are enclosed dream Henry Brocard, Empress Maria Feodorovna, and dreams of many long-gone from our Russian beauties. Now, it is difficult to believe that the Russian perfume factory stood on a par with the French and was awarded top prizes at prestigious exhibitions. Any event, in which a product Brocard, not without rewards, all sorts of medals and honors that marked the true success of the factory. Manufacturing technology at the New dawn, of course, has changed – the Soviet perfumery industry was unable to save the legendary recipes. And today, former spirits "Favorite flower Empress" will now have a slightly bitter smell. In those years, "Red Moscow" of expensive perfume to elect become available thing. They enjoyed all the ladies of the Soviet Union.

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