(Bypassing the a), depth psychology, was the application of b) Pawlowschen un-related conditioning psychology and they came directly to the c) Behaviorism (-psychology): to the delight of the industry. The meta physical Preparator (churches) were famously always the friends of each physical rulers (politicians): bad luck just for them, the cybernetic motivation really worked because people are not machines! The systemic praise reward motivation remains today rich in success (see Maslow level 6 + 7), because people seek their natural self-realization! Motivated (soft facts, feelings) are success-rich as paid (hard facts, money) s. Viet Nam war! The German Empire inevitably failed as a result of the story. A weak Emperor (he fled 1918 Holland) was a weak, democracy undesirable people up to the intolerability. It resisted the social changes despite enlightenment and reformation.

Inevitably, the Weimar Republic failed as a result of the second world war. The German people were completely undemocratic and thus incapable of consensus. You drew the wrong lessons from the political development. Hitler (Stalin) was the inevitable consequence of the history! The German people coveted him, including the intellectual and financial elite or someone else as the leader. It was emotionally addicted to a leader and had not persuaded him to follow.

Elections he emerged democratic free from victorious. We know that Hitler was not even a philosopher, he was a stupid liar without scientific education (NW, GW) in stage scenes (R. Wagner- services : rose, acting and downfall of the protagonists with above and below worlds) thought and spoke (Poland to Stalingrad to Berlin; Gottes-Vorsehung, fate). I have his book, 1924, as eighteen appeared completely read. “Originally posted 1 A. Hitler about the German people: we wanted only their hearts, their minds, never.” Quote 2 A. Hitler over Stalingrad. (mutatis mutandis): A people who can not fight and suffer, didn’t deserve me as a leader.

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