The Luitpold pharmacy bad Steben / drugs by welcome planned revision to the shipping trade of veterinary medicinal legislative initiative the Federal Government plans to dispatch of medicinal about online pharmacies. Mail order of medicinal products as announced by the Federal Government, the shipment of medicinal and veterinary products via mail order pharmacies should be in the future. Thus, the Federal Government responds to the infringement proceedings threatened by the European Commission. As well as the Luitpold-apotheke in bad Steben, the Federal Association of German mail-order pharmacies also welcomes the planned rules. It is estimated that something more than 23 million pet animals live joy for pet owners in German households. The turnover of the pet supplies market is approx. 3.5 billion (without veterinary medicinal products).

Many pet will so the new scheme benefit from, since prices for veterinary medicinal products at an online shipping probably significantly lower than those of a normal”Pharmacy should be. The pet supplies market (including Medical devices) you will be pleased. Change in the medicines Act, the Federal Government announced the medicines Act to amend that the shipping of non-prescription veterinary medicines is legal. This only applies to animals are not used for the production of food. For more information visit free of charge and without obligation under contact: health basics GmbH & co. KG Attn Mr Tobias Boltze Kadam spiral square 3 D-85598 Baldham T: 08106-37789-11 F: 08106-37789-29 E:

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