U.S. National Parks are difficult for our tourists, while to see any of them, and then go in the tour of the most famous is very interesting and informative! And if we bear in mind that the U.S. is located in most climatic zones – from the Arctic to the tropics Alaska to southern Florida and Hawaii, then, of course, you can think for themselves what a journey what you like best. U.S. National Parks are diverse in natural terms. This unique nature and the craters of Hawaii; hot springs in Hot Springs, and known for its healing properties, rocky peaks and arches on the Colorado Plateau in Utah, darkness and silence Carlsbad Caverns, rivers, mountains and valleys of confusion, the forested and tundra in Alaska, pirate legends at Tortuga, dozens of orchid species and hundreds of species of trees, more than thirty species of animals that may perish from the earth, in the national parks of Florida; beauty of Grand Canyon, which can be observed with a specially constructed cantilever bridge in the shape of a horseshoe hanging on the height of a kilometer from the bottom of the gorge, Yellowstone; untouched nature of the island and abandoned Royal City in Death Valley, and much, much more. Read more here: Iridology. And to all these wonders you can literally touch the hand of U.S. national parks.

Travel to national parks very convenient to carry in your car. Tourist may well take it out. In the U.S., an excellent road network and public transport works, but to many parks are only accessible by car. Visit National Parks, however, you can include in your travel itinerary in the States, on a par, for example, with a visit to New York that will allow you to see America with a new and perhaps quite unexpected directions. Not a bad choice to visit – Acadia Park is located on the islands off Maine.

To reach the park, in general, not so long. It can be reached by car or plane, or by public transport. Despite the relatively small park area is diverse, both in terms of landscapes (mountains, sea, lakes and forests), and in terms of flora and fauna: some unique groves, as well as deer, wolves, foxes, raccoons, coyotes, etc. In Acadia has 2 campsites, more 200 kilometers of trails and more than 70 kilometers of roads.

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