All products of this brand was developed by the world’s leading laboratories and repeatedly tested in leading institutes of Cosmetology Israel and Russia. This natural cosmetics can be trusted, it is recognized by a high quality product on the international classification. Its quality meets the standards of high professional level and make-class feature lyuks.Unikalnost company is developing a unique technology of cosmetics, which underlies the creation of all brand products Desheli. She received called “intelligent crystals.” This technology was developed, patented and tested in Israel, and is certified in cosmetic capital of the world – Paris. According to the experts – the future of cosmetics. The action takes place at the cellular and molecular level by certain active substances, which allow for the shortest possible time to bring back youth. Their task is to struggle with allergies, excessive or lack of moisture, fat content, the development of bacterial balance, restoring the skin’s immunity, protection against free radicals. They are designed to enhance the impact of cosmetic products, whose composition they go in, and maximize the effectiveness of its active components, with the help customize the skin cells at the correct frequency of the original.

Use the “intelligent crystals” in the production of its resources is entitled only to the company Desheli. Another equally effective innovation in the application of cosmetics is the photon-ultrasonic device of Kliaton Desheli. This is the latest method that calls the most powerful lifting effect. Due to the use in combination with cosmetics activates metabolism within cells, distinguished biologically active substances that activate blood circulation, normalizes skin glands significantly reduces wrinkles, smooths scarring and inflammation seal. Significantly increases skin elasticity and firmness.

Duplication of functions ultrasound and phototherapy can get visible results at the first application. At the same time Kliaton is the safest instrument in the world market of such devices, thanks to ultrasound correctly matched indeksu.Produktsiya Cosmetics series Crystal youth from Desheli is by far the most effective anti-aging remedy. This product is designed for men and women under 35 – Pro age and for the older generation (over 35) – Anti age. The composition tools are only natural ingredients: celandine extract, bearberry, chamomile, calendula oil, wheat germ oil, cucumber extract, beeswax, and more. The operating principle of cosmetics – recognition of information about all the processes of aging that are inherent in human skin and programming of their action in the opposite direction. Israeli cosmetics Desheli has all the quality certificates, is safe and hypoallergenic. This line product was a breakthrough in the world of cosmetology. Design and manufacture of cosmetics Desheli is carried out in one of the leading laboratories in Israel Hlavin. All products of this company have international patents and certificates, and ingredients – certified CTFA. At the same cosmetics not tested on animals and have animal ingredients proishozhdeniya.Plany main office Desheli is located in a respectable area west of Moscow in the elite complex “Scarlet sails”, located on the bank of the Moskva river. In the near future, opening new offices in Russia, the active development of the distribution network and launch even more sophisticated means for beauty and health.

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