The hemorroides arrived at the point to be unbearable, is very probable that it is looking for the best remedy for the hemorroides, exist many techniques and remedies that will be able to eliminate their problem, but always are those that offer better effects have. Next we will analyze that remedy is better for each type of hemorroide, and in which occasions must be taken. Hemorroides Internal: The best remedy for the hemorroides interns is an aloe preparation side, we must congeal the gel of this plant with water in a receiving length, to give the form him of supositorio. When already this ready one, to wash the zone well, to defrost a little not to cause burns and to apply until they calm the annoyances; it is possible that some this treatment does not resist, so is recommended to realise baths of seat with manzanilla. Hemorroides External: The best remedy for the external hemorroides is to realise baths of seat with honey and eucalyptus, which we wished to obtain is that these return to place of size origin reducing, so that it does not make contact with enemy with the outside, to use seats not so hard influences much in its priest. Hemorroides Bleeding: The best remedy for the bleeding hemorroides is the daily consumption of alfalfa leaves, and the application of hamamelis in the hemorroides during seat baths, with time you will notice that bleeding has disappeared due to its efficient coagulating effects. Hemorroides Prolapsadas: When the hemorroides get to prolapsar themselves, remedy does not exist that can eliminate them completely, the treatment but ideal in these cases it is an operation using rubber bands, in which they cover the hemorroides so that this circulation does not arrive to him, with time this weave of falls more and with this we end this type of hemorroides. Hemorroides Trombosadas: With the constant scrapings of lees the hemorroides tend to break several times, this can trombosar to the hemorroides giving him a consistency lasts and that is irreversible, in these cases the unique solution is most painful, we spoke of a called operation hemorroidectomia, that consists of cutting the hemorroides followed of an uncomfortable recovery..

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