10 Hints for choosing the right Thai Massage practice, the decision is taken. Against the stress and the tension, something should be done now. You need a traditional Thai massage. But what Massage practice take? And so one makes himself so his thoughts before it occurs: 1 order and cleanliness are not quality, but as a preliminary quality assessment is very difficult, default guide would call now the obvious standard: it must be clean. But who is already in a business (no matter what), where steaming trash can is overflowing? And those hoping for customers who come in a lumber room? The same applies to courtesy and friendly welcome: polite and Nice is just normal, especially when you want to relax. “” So: the negative extreme dirty and messy “an exclusion criterion, but the norm is neat and tidy maybe” says nothing practical about the quality of a Thai massage. 2. Elegantly decorated is a pretty nice but not essential, Atmosphere like of course, but this does not describe the quality of the massage.

In Thailand, there are some better Bretterverschlage or towels laid out on the beach, where you can get a great massage, however, a high-end spa can be totally disappointing (Conversely, nothing against high-end spas is also,!). On the other hand: rocking cheap mattresses, cheap oil and Flash lighting in a massage practice are reducing and relaxing contrary to acting something fun. 3. Training certificates are evidence, but not proof of quality to show learned massage certificates is of course wrong. It is also not considerably obtained the certificates in which the great massage Training Institute. The standards are known everywhere in Thailand and essentially equal. The best certificate but no good if the massage is performed poorly. It’s individual skills and abilities, experience and of course to what extent a massage practice promotes quality, controlled and has claimed.

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