THE PROTAGONISTS: VERoNICA OROZCO: it is a very fresh and natural actress, you can play with the candor and sensuality with the same court, easily becoming a villain Harpy and melindrosa or a sweet woman of great character, or perhaps a prudish underhand. This time gives life to a young biologist with extrasensory powers, something romantic, modern, but with moral guidelines strict. MARCK TACHER: Everyone remembers them sheathed in the costume of a passionate mariachi who renounced everything for love, now is a young lawyer in criminalistics that unintentionally and account of the nervousness and the dangerous love affairs of his father, involved East with the mafia, ends exile along with other members of his family, under the figure of protected by the prosecution witnesses. This Mexican actor continues to enjoy popularity in the Hispanic field and has the challenge of showing another facet in a melodrama of Vanguard. LUIS EDUARDO ARANGO: Old dog, late cast, it is the proverb which conforms well to this important actor Colombian whose versatility seems to have no limit, since makes a good number of years we have seen in different facets and characters, one after another, with a characteristic professionalism learned of great and remembered masters of acting as Boris Roth, directors such as David Stivelmagnified characters written by writers such as Bernardo Romero; After characterizing a more good than the bread man, emblem of true friendship in the daughter of the mariachi, picks up the facet of the bad, a capo despot, violent and calculating, he will very likely know move forward without fear. Protected saves some similarity to the telenovela the widow of the mafia, which although we recall here in Colombia did not have much receptivity and abroad much less due in good part to its theme, misguided choice of protagonists and its slow narrative that lathe as a telenovela heavy, very outlined in his libretti, hopefully not the same happens with is proposedmore is not to take into account the suggestions raised. Let’s give it time. Original author and source of the article..

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