While at applied over a thin layer (0.5 g of cream per 10 cm 2) pain were absent in 69% of patients and in 31% – was observed morbidity. Similar results were obtained in other groups. (Similarly see: Dr. John Mcdougall). Based on the results of clinical trials for the high level of anesthesia required amount of cream "Emla" should be 1-2 g per 10 cm2. Exposure. The effectiveness of anesthesia depends on the exposure. trator.

When applying enough cream "Emla" on intact skin under occlusion dermal anesthesia occurs within 60 minutes. In areas with damaged epidermal barrier (atopic dermatitis, etc.) enough for 15 minutes, the mucous membranes of reproductive organs – 5.10 min. Thus, when applying the cream "Emla" on intact skin for 30 minutes total anesthesia was observed in only 20% of patients after 1 hour – 78%, 2-3 hours – at 100% after 4 hours – 80%. Occlusion. Occlusive bandage "Tagederm", which is included in the package "Emla", prevents water evaporation from the skin and increases the absorption of active ingredients of cream "Emla".

Anesthesia of mucous membranes need not occluded. Zone application. In areas with thin skin penetration rate and higher absorption of the drug, thus exposure to achieve anesthesia will be less time-consuming. Thus, when applying the cream "Emla" on the eyelid skin anesthesia occurs within 30-40 min (applied with caution), on the face – after 1 hour, on skin, abdomen and back – after about 80-90 minutes. But when applied to damaged skin (atopic dermatitis) with impaired epidermal barrier removals above, so exposure should be reduced to 15-30 minutes.

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