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Air Conditioners

Air conditioners with air ionization. Is there smysel spend extra money on air conditioning with a similar function? What is the ionization of the air? Ambient air we breathe, always carries some of its molecules electric charges. The process of charge on the molecule is called ionization and a charged molecule – or a light ion ions. If the ionized molecule is deposited on the liquid particles or dust particle, such ion is difficult. Air ions are of two charges – positive and negative. In the air of the number of light ions may fall to 50-100 1 cu. see, while in rural mesnosti this number about 1 cubic 800-1000. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dr. Neal Barnard on most websites. see, and heavy – to increase tens of thousands in a cube.

See Heavy ions are harmful to human health and the lungs, especially negative, have a beneficial and healing effects. Where is an ionizer air conditioner? Its location in the inner air conditioner unit under ventelyatorom. Its role is to generate negative ions, which have a positive impact on our orgonizm. The fact that negative ions have a positive effect on all living creatures was discovered Russian Professor Chizhevskii in the 19th century. The air conditioner anions (otretsatelno charged molecule) are due to high discharge between the electrodes of the generator, which passes through the air. Also, the ionization level Snezana unpleasant zapohov including cigarette smoke. But at the moment suchestvuet medical opinion that not all people have a need for additional otretsatelno charged ions through the air conditioner, and even there people who impact this air conditioner directly contraindicated. So if you do decide to buy air conditioning, think and do you need this additional feature. You can only say that the most careful of your best not to tempt fate and get the simplest of household air-conditioner.

The First

However, there are those who are simply trying to find a way to eliminate more than 3,000 calories, and those are the people who most frequently experience the dangers of starvation mode. Myth: mode of hunger the truth behind this myth is that you must always keep in mind when you feel tempted to reduce your calorie intake with the purpose of experiencing a greater fat burning. great source of information. The greater the energy deficit that you think, more your metabolic rate will drop so that you will experience less loss of fat than if you keep a normal energy consumption. So if you think that creating a big power deficit it will give you better results, you should consider the more reducing energy, more your fat loss will slow down. In fact, prolonged starvation mode will make you experience the symptoms that are experiencing the anorectics.

Some studies have shown that during the first 2 days in starvation mode the body actually experiences an increase in metabolic rate. After the first two days the metabolism starts to decrease, so some people have followed intermittent fasting as a way to experience greater loss fat. Devouring muscles in the mozarts of hunger when you try to burn muscle mass due to starvation, the facts are not clear. Thin people who follow a diet of starvation are exposed to lose muscle fat, but those who are actually obese will lose more fat. This is due to the fact that people who are obese have more fat for use as energy in comparison with thin people. The decrease in the intake of energy in a person obese won’t have the same devastating effects that if tendria in a thin person, this does not mean that anyone should follow a diet of starvation.

Starvation diets are only an elegant facade of very low calorie diets, that should not be followed without the supervision of a physician. Increases fat burning there are other, much more healthy ways to increase your fat burning to the reduce your calorie intake below what they need to function properly, i.e. the mode of hunger. The first thing you should do is add more fat burning foods to your diet. These foods not give a big boost to burning fat, but help and these foods fat burning are low in calories, high in fiber and water, of is is seguiras creating a deficit of energy. Gives a twist to your life knows the real remedy to lose weight and burn fat beam click: how to lose weight in the stomach.