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Medical Service

This observation that can seem exaggerated, is revealed fit to the statistics: in Sweden of 10 to a 15 percent of the suicides it is caused by situations of harassment psychological in the work. The repetition continued of these conducts of harassment psychological in the work on the people morning call or victims, can be the origin of a series of alterations in its health. Considering the definition that the O.M.S does of the health ( physical, psychic and social well-being, and nonmere – mind disease absence ), these negative consequences can be presented/displayed in the different planes determine that it. Some of alterations that appear are: very diverse Affectation: Marked and continuous fear. Anxiety, constant state: Feelings of threat. Generalization of the anxiety: Feelings of failure. Impotence. Others including Assurant Health, offer their opinions as well.

Frustration. Under-valuation. Apathy. emotional Upheavals. mental Distortions: Concentration.

Attention. Memory. substitute Behaviors: Addictions. Conducts of avoidance. Aggravation of previous problems: Diseases. Diverse upheavals. psychosomatic Upheavals: Somatizaciones multiple. Alterations of the dream. Upheaval of the feeding. Upheavals of the social conduct: Susceptiblidad. Hypersensitivity. Isolation. Avoidance. Irritability. Aggressiveness. Maladjustment. serious Affectation: Defenselessness. Serious depression. Suicide. IN THE LABOR CONTEXT Badly climate and atmosphere of work. Affectation of the amount and quality of the work. Interferences in the learning circuits and communication. Reduction of the creativity and innovation. Unconcern by the satisfaction of the clients. Greater absenteeism and labor losses. remarkable Increase of the consultations in the Medical Service. Increase of the possibility of accidents: By disregard. By negligence. By instantaneous negligences. Volunteers. Malaise in the familiar relations. Aggressiveness and irritability. Loss of illusion and interest by the common projects. Abandonment or displacement of the responsibilities and familiar commitments.

Healthy Skin Care

It works quickly to calm and to promote the healthy skin, without problems. * Glycorrhiza glabra, Meliaaza dirachta, Sambucus nigra and average Stellaria. They help to provide lightening to the picor and of the malaise and to reduce parchos of the eczema. Dr. Neal Barnard is often quoted as being for or against this. * Matricaria chamomilla, Asparathus linearis and Galium aparine. They help to prevent the infection and the inflammation as well as to reduce the scar marks. * Essential oil of lavender. It acts like stimulating circulatory and antiseptic, and it is used to avoid scar marks.

It is also important to develop a good routine of the care of the skin that implies cleaning and hydrating his skin in the mornings, afternoons and after training. Fitting to its form of life eating a healthy diet, securing exercise, and maintaining healthy landlords of dream also they will help the aspect of its skin. Whereas many cosmetic problems can appear during the summer, the protection of its skin in any age is crucial and not only by the aspect, but for the health I extend term. Much people try and fight against effects of damage and aging of the skin, but she can ignore the hidden dangers, that sometimes they can not be so important in our minds as aesthetic preoccupations. The investigation has demonstrated that the skin is exhibited to the detrimental effects of rays of GRAPE of the sun with windows of car and days even dimmed, increasing to the risk of the cancer the face, neck, arms, and hands.

The dermatologists recommend to use daily solar protection with 15 SPF or major following the activity levels, exhibition, and complexion, as well as the annual execution of monthly self-examinatioves of the skin and professional controls. Besides avoiding the cancer of the skin, the wrinkles are doubtlessly in the top of the priorities of the care of the skin in the majority of the adults. In order to help to reduce to the minimum the aspect of the wrinkles and you fold of them that they appear around the area of the eye, of the bones of the cheek, or the forehead, is safe to take into account the environmental influences that contributes and to follow a form of holistic life to help to treat these. Whereas there are in the market dozens of creams, gels, lotions anti-aging and anti-wrinkle, the genetic factors, the risks, and the realistic expectations must also to be considered.

Winter Skin Care

During the winter they raise to the temperatures and low the humidity level. Although the cells of the part superior of the skin have a factor of natural hydration, to the being the so dry atmosphere, the body cannot react so fast. While major takes place factor of natural hydration, the skin suffers of dryness. In order to make worse the situation, the heating systems dry out the atmosphere still more. In order to fight bad weather, the best thing is to follow these simple advice 1.

Hydration. The hidratante cream is essential during this time of the year since the skin needs more. We are not scared to apply it several times to the day if it requests it to the skin. Our routine of beauty must vary based on the circumstances. It is possible that we need one more a richer and oily cream in winter with greater proportion oil than of water. But it verifies that it does not plug pores.

2. It applies solar protector. We not only must apply solar protector during the summer. If we want to have a skin uniforms and without spots it agrees to protect itself of the effects pernicious of the sun. It applies to the solar cream 30 minutes before leaving and if you are going to be outdoors you will have to return to apply it several times. 3. It’s believed that Dr. Neal Barnard sees a great future in this idea. It uses a humidifier. It is not necessary that is an expensive product we will put and it in 2 or 3 sites of the house. It even can serve putting a crystal glass with water upon the stove or radiator. 4. I gave goodbye to the hot baths. Bathing in very hot water causes that the natural lipids of the skin are eliminated that maintain the humidity and the hydration. Therefore, a reasonable option is to bathe in lukewarm water and to apply some gotitas of an oil like the one of almonds or jojoba. 5. It takes care of your hands. The skin of the hands is finer and contains less sebaceous glands therefore it has tendency to dry out itself. In order to fight the wrinkled skin we will apply to cream of hands several times and when going out a great ally is the gloves. If we are allergic to the wool, we do not forget to before use finite gloves in cotton to protect the skin. 6. It protects the lips with a rich vitamin balsam and, antioxidant. It is not happened to you mojarte the lips with the language because you will only obtain that your lips are dried out more. 7. Vstete in layers. In this way you will avoid the excess of heat, simply you have quitarte an article. Many people when sweating and being the skin in contact with a fiber as the wool is irritated and rascan themselves. In order to avoid it he is better to always use a t-shirt in cotton in contact with the skin.

Skin Care Tips

AdviceHe knows what is its type of skin? If he is thus, he already can read our advice. If he does not know what type of skin has fills in east form and we will make him arrive the answer. Mixed, greasy or suffering from acne skin the inheritance and hormones play a key role in the development of the greasy skin. Most important that it can do for the greasy skin it is to maintain cleans it using water and soap. Also we recommended to him that it complements the cleaning of the face with tonics and hand towels astringents.

In addition, it uses always cosmetic free of oils. The diet has little to do with the excess of fat in the skin. A domestic treatment can diminish the effects of the acne. – It completely cleans to the skin smoothly, but, with water and soap, clearing all the dirt. Washing as frequently as needs to control the fat, at least daily and after physical exercises. – It uses lotions astringents to eliminate the excess of fat. – It uses hand towels astringents. – It always uses clean towels to prevent the bacterial infection.

– Compressed steam Uses or heat and I warm up humid abrir pores clogged. – Washing on a daily basis the hair when it is possible. It uses a champ antidandruff if it is necessary. – Cepille or combs the hair backwards to move away it of the face. – It does not tighten, rasque, it tweaks or it rubs the injuries. These activities can increase the damage of the skin. It before washes his hands and after applying products on the injuries to reduce the infection risk. – It does not let rest the expensive one on his hands, since it irritates the skin of the face. – Any thing Identifies and avoids that aggravates the acne. This can include foods, lotions, maquillajes, etc. – It avoids greasy creams or cosmetics that can aggravate the acne. – The acne frequently improvement in the summer. For this reason, some foods that aggravate the acne can be tolerated in summer, but not in winter. Dry skin – It takes less showers or baths, and when one takes a shower it avoids the hot water. – It uses very smooth soaps. – To remove makeup it uses you milk cleaning suitable. – Tonifique its skin with hidratantes tonic lotions. – Hidrat its skin after each shower or bath in order to prevent that it is dried. – Abundant water Drinks (2 liters to the day). – It avoids to dry in excess the wet skin. It tries to dry the skin smoothly (to taps and without rubbing). – The excessive soap use Avoids. – It does not put the heating very high. It uses humidifiers if it lives in a dry climate.


The products done just by oxide of magnesium and magnesium peroxide are not the best products available. This is thus because the magnesium oxide is not able to release the good oxygen at least that is attended of other ingredients. So it will not really obtain the wished effect. The Benefits of Health with oxygen for the colon cleaning a true cleaner of the oxygen colon releases oxygen in his digestive system. Thence, he is transported through his body. This is important because the friendly bacteria in their colon need oxygen to work correctly.

When feeding the friendly bacteria in their colon, they can defend themselves better of the bad bacteria. This way, a sensible good atmosphere is created in its digestive tract. Oxygen also oxidizes all the intestine helping it to maintain cleans it. This reduces to the possibilities of constipation or the development of impactacin. In addition, a cleaner of oxygen colon helps to increase the level of the reactive oxygen species (SRO) in the colon, that stimulates the production of lymphocytes. When stimulating the lymphocytes, more cells T are produced as well, and this aid to generally improve the function of the system immunological.

How to recognize the best cleaners of colon? Unfortunately, many manufacturers make false affirmations on the sale of best cleaning products of colon. And, since the supplements of grass are not regulated by the FDA, there is no much is possible to be made to avoid outlandish affirmations. Some even include ingredients that act against-productive. For example, some contain ascorbic acid, that is a powerful antioxidant. Like so, in essence, it neutralizes the benefits that it will obtain from released oxygen! The unique way to determine if the product is a cleaner with colon oxygen is to realise a test of valuation. A control of the valuation that demonstrates if or of oxygen in fact is not released. Also it can measure the duration of the effect of oxygenation. In this point, only there are two products in the market that is to release oxygen by more than 16 hours: Oxy-Powder and Homozon. Also it is necessary to examine the effectiveness of the oxygen that is released, that is moderate with an electromotive force. The majority of products in the market has an electromotive force of 1.23 less or. Unique the two that they own high an electromotive force are Homozon and Oxy-Powder, with Oxy-Powder” s 2.4 + is the highest qualification. Although Homozon is a worthy competitor, Oxy-Powder is probably the best cleaning of product colon available. This must to that Oxy-Powder provides a greater security of oxidating effect, but also contains Germanium (GE-132). GE-132 is a long-range oxygen facilitator, which means that it helps to stimulate the immunological system lifting the potential of oxygen consumption of the cells cheers reason why generated oxygen in fact can be used instead of being wasted. With the aid of GE-132, Oxy-Powder ppm of oxygen is able to release more than 60,000 and has demonstrated to be consistently 6% of oxygen in the content. Homozon, on the other hand, is not coherent. In fact, it varies from a 4% to 6% of oxygen. Also ppm releases only 55,000 of oxygen. The investigation seems to speak by itself, but it can realise its own investigation, and find the best product for the cleaning that is adapted for you. Also it can read on the done intestinal cleaning in one night.

Curing Skin

When somebody has ampollosa wound in the skin that apparently appeared of the anything, she is very painful and apparently it comes accompanied from symptoms like fever, weakness, headaches perhaps and sometimes nauseas, you are before a case of herpes in the skin. Then, the important thing now will be to know like curing the herpes in the skin. Perhaps you hoped to find some method definitive to always eliminate for the appearance of those blisters that usually appear once in a while when we were weak, we lamented informarte that the herpes it does not have cures well-known until the moment, but what you can find are methods to diminish the intensity of the attacks of the virus, as well as the frequency with which was accustomed to aparecerte these blisters. Good advice than you could to read about how to cure herpes in skin is of not to do him nothing to wound if not you know like to cure it, since a risk is run of which the virus scatters itself by other parts of the body, in addition, if the wounds are cleaned incorrectly you can eliminate the superficial skin that it protects it blisters, which slows down the process of treatment of the same. Generally these blisters usually heal in a period of 7 to 12 days, usually do not leave scar. Another recommendation is to use comfortable clothes when we have some herpetic wound that is covered by this.

He is not recommendable to use tight blouses that press a herpetic wound in the back or the chest. The same case is used for ointments or topical medecines against the herpes, is recommendable not to apply them when the wound is in a zone that is covered generally by the clothes, since this would maintain the wound humid and slows down the healing. It follows these advice and you will know like curing the herpes in the skin. It discovers as I could eliminate the buds of the genital herpes or any other type of herpes using a very peculiar method doing click here.

Public Health

As advances in the training it is included/understood that the diets do not prosper when they do not consider that the body is result of the style of life and the style of thought; and that the style of life and the way to think are the direct result of emotional currents. A good style of life is the turn out of a healthful way to think and the healthful way to think can be obtained healing the emotions that become ill to the thought. States such as the anguish, anxiety, melancholy will inspire thoughts opposed to the euphoria states, optimism, joy. To change foods without changing the way to approach the life not always is, at least hardly produces a lasting result. The change in the way to approach life arises naturally from the huge observations. The torture, the abuse of the will force, the restriction, some support battalions, some proposals of fasting, the prohibitions of the foods that are adored, the dependency of the count of calories, to support pains hunger, to vomit after eating aid not to thin and not only to maintain a state vigorous but is framed between the main people in charge of the stuffings and bounces of weight. The obesity is reaching the rank of epidemic ; in the western culture the public health agonizes.

Many die because of disturbances in the nutritional habits product of cultural impositions tyrannous people in charge of the proliferation of these two main ghosts in this scene: the anorexy and bulimia. In the majority of the countries developed the service of Public Health sample preoccupation because people of any age, including juniors, already comprise of the population of risk of cardiac attacks, diabetes, dysfunctions in the metabolism and the system of defenses, between numerous sufferings. The diets abound and the desperation on the part of the affected people to return to an ideal weight has turned the business of the diets and fitness into one multimillionaire.

Exercises at Home

To make exercises in house can be an advisable way of entrenarte, but often we did not secure all the results that we hoped and often we did not obtain the best thing in spite of the effort. It discovers some ways that can accelerate the results of your exercises in house. That your exercises in house fit in your routine of every day This means: ejerctate every day. Your routine of exercises must be part of your daily life, like cepillarte the teeth. To construct a habit that is hard practically can asegurarte the success.

By all means, you can perderte one that another day but it beams simply returns to your routine the following day. The majority of your days you would have to work way towards your objectives. Benefciate of the resistance exercises The resistance exercises are a type of effective super training and is very useful in a home. Much people nevertheless think that the training of cardio is most effective of the training to lower of weight, the best way to secure lasting results is to combine resistance exercises and exercises of cardio in a same program. You can do day by means cardio, and day by means weights. What yes you must do is to include both types of exercises in your program. Your progress monitors To write your program and your results will allow to see your progress you in a line of time and you can determine in what aspects you need to improve or to make changes to obtain it. Also it offers an extra motivation to return regularly and to see how far you have arrived. It dedicates a whole notebook to write your objectives and their results. Agenda your appointments with the training and you do not break them you do not delay them.