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Lose Pounds

It’s done: the Christmas celebration is over. Traces of recurring every year consumption of culinary Christmas specialities of all kinds have remained in many unnecessary pounds. Parkentin, December 28, 2011. It’s done: the Christmas celebration is over. Traces of recurring every year consumption of culinary Christmas specialities of all kinds have remained in many unnecessary pounds.

As well as last year the Internet Portal calls therefore once again Fitnesswelt.com in cooperation with the nutrition AIQUM to compete “Losing weight and blogging”, which starts just in time to January 1st of the new year. Potential participants can register no later than January 31 to participate for six months running competition on 2012-abnehmen.html. “CEO of the portal and initiator of the competition of Torsten Wesolek looking forward to the competition: last year the action was picking up and blogging” a complete success. The number of previous applications our users show how motivated also this time are back. I’m sure that we can still outdo the last competition in terms of number of participants and blog posts!” Half a year Abnehmwillige will be accompanied by the professionals of AIQUM nutrition consulting.

Everyone gets free tips to a meaningful change of diet in this way. During this time, the participants on the blog dedicated to Fitnesswelt.com post their experiences and experiences with weight loss through nutrition. Described experiences as well as tricks, which have led to personal experiences of success. Of course also the uncertainties of the weight, find what sure also here and there occur, there place. These blog posts by the members of the Forum with an asterisk by 1-5 are later (by 1 “for quite well up to 5 ‘ for excellent) rated. The winner is the participant who has received the best reviews and thus best resonance by the other members at the appropriate time. In addition to the best five writers of the competition prizes take home valuable insights. In particular, the prizes to reward are called as follows: the winner will receive 500,-euro, the runner up 300,-euros, 3rd place: 150,-euro. Also for the places 4 and 5 there is after all, each 100 euros on hand. Participation is worthwhile in two respects, and is completely free. The dietary advice for the duration of the competition will be sponsored by the company AIQUM. About Fitnesswelt.com Fitnesswelt.com was launched in 1998 by Torsten Wesolek in life. The independent online fitness portal for fitness, wellness and health, and great online shop in the fitness area provides you with an overview of brands, shops and prices and brings transparency in the huge segment of the fitness equipment and equipment contact: Torsten Wesolek Internet services, Wiesengrund 4, D-18209 Parkentin, 0173-9246834 – Web:

Losing Weight

What Sportarte to choose from, to achieve the perfect body? In the later age, when your metabolism is slower, you to be overweight, which can lead to various health problems tends. You must be very careful and carefully make the Erhahrungs – and sports program. Sports plays very important role, because we lose not only the excess kilos through sport, but we stay so fit and healthy. There are a few Sportarte with which the fastest way to get to the desired weight. These are especially jogging, where calories are very quickly verbrant, or even swimming are beautiful built by the particular muscles. With proper selection of jogging shoes men’s or ladies we can reach our goal faster and be fully protected while jogging before any potential injuries. In addition to choosing the right type of sport, you need discipline to persevere as longer as possible.

Because losing weight through sport is no easy task. It is healthy, but may take a while where you should equip with lots of patience. Even 7000 kilo calories must be verbrant, so that you lose only a pound of body fat. It takes certainly much effort, work, discipline and time, because no target can be achieved overnight. Only unique training helps in not so much, because you need the well-designed sports programme, which should consist of at least three workouts per week for the long-term desired weight without the annoying Yo-Yo effect. While you should seek always to be active and flexible. For example – instead of invoking the trigger, would rather take the stairs or opt rather for a bike instead of spending all day in the car.

At the beginning, you should not exaggerate with sports activities. It is much better to start with small steps, because that can assure the long-term training and endurance. The duration ranges from about 30 to 45 minutes for the beginner. Later you can extend the duration of the training, but the well-designed training not to about 70 to 80 Take minutes. A good wellness hotel at Lake Constance and the Alps can be a good solution, because in addition to the numerous sports activities you can enjoy the beautiful nature and the pleasant climate. The Spa has become very arbitrary for most tourists in recent years and immert more travelers opt for an active holiday in nature, which will exert positive effects on several areas of life. After a well organised Spa is completely flit and ready for new challenges.


Abroad at the direction of Pilates a lot of fans. In Russia it has appeared recently. Pilates is striking in its originality and effectiveness. It is a combination of western and eastern athleticism measured. It is designed for almost any age.

If you want to look at the seventy-fifty, fifty-thirties, forty to thirty … – A direction for you. An example of this are the many Hollywood stars such as Madonna. At fifty she wears the clothes he wants to, and affects those around her boundless energy. His appearance is required German Pilates Joseph Pilates.

In his youth he did a remarkable not stand, a sickly asthmatic, but he wanted to be strong. Devised his own method, and after a few years it turned into a real circus star. His method became known. Pilates in our body There are many large and small muscles. Many types of physical activity involve only the large muscles. In Pilates due to a combination of different exercises to ensure the harmonious development of the muscle. Pilates is very helpful for joints that are using various techniques of stretching (stretching) take on a surprising flexibility and mobility. The main types of training on the system of Pilates are: – training on the floor – the floor exercise with a special equipment: Rings Pilates Ring, dumbbells, balls – training at the gym without zhestkofiksirovannoy support, which, in addition to the target muscle, makes a lot of time to work other muscles. By Joseph Pilates method in this area there are several simple rules: 1.Chtoby benefit from each movement, we must concentrate on it, forget about their worries. Total concentration. 2.Vypolnyayte exercises from simple to complex, to monitor the quality and accuracy of movement. 3.Vazhnym is proper breathing, so that each cell of the body supplied with oxygen. Breathing should not breast, and stomach (as in yoga) directing a stream of inspiratory air to the back. 4.Vse movement should be smooth, without jerks, or you may get injured. Many beginners want to achieve visible results immediately, because of what are muscle strain. 5.Nagruzka should be central to the muscles of the body. Sometimes called the Pilates exercise to slow. Motion gentle, unhurried, thoughtful. Therefore, the result is visible immediately. But if you do pilates regularly, then the effect will not make long to wait! And this despite the fact that the self need not exhaust the heavy nagryazkami in fitness centers. Source: Fitness for Woman's world.