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Hypotheses Forecast Dymovskiy

Stereotyped thinking of many singles. For example, the statement of Major Dymovskiy priori considered as an element of information warfare. There are two sides who compete in the skill and luck. And within this hypothesis conclusions are predictable. However paradoxical, but the position Dymovskiy shall provide significant strategic benefits.

Far too important to write them down on the luck of the major. However, if no confrontation is not? Just well choreographed performance in which each participant may not know their role, but not play it can not. The fact that the competence of a senior security officer would not allow it to crank surgery alone, it is clear to all. Senior security officer and did not deny – friends helped. And this aid can be seen very thoughtful, professional and, most importantly, the academic approach.

What? When visible confusion videos They made a very thought out. The address used by a win-win, a powerful archetype (meme) – wise petition the tsar>>. That is why the opponents of the major (if any) in this information war remains very little room to maneuver. November 8 Dymovskiy fired for libel. November 9 at some time been detained on the way to the airport of Rostov, on arrival at the airport to the plastic card was blocked. The obvious conclusion – suffered for the truth. Interfax reported that may have covered the major drug traffickers – are being slandered. The performances can stand Dymovskiy "U.S. Agency for International Development>> (USAID) – a very good counterattack.


The capital of Lithuania – Vilnius – a very beautiful city with wonderful buildings. Its symbolism – the tower Gyademinasa, which is located at the top of Castle Hill and named after the founder of the city, Gyademinasa. The legend says that during one overnight stay at Castle Hill, Prince dreamed she-wolf, said that in the mountains to rebuild a new city. That he and sdelal.S top of the tower extends the remarkable scenery and an old corner of the city, which is at the same time monument and the most beautiful part of town. Churches, bell tower, tiled roof, the synagogues, the narrow streets and the oldest institution in Europe, attract, compel to return again and again. Vilnius Old Town to considered one of the biggest in Europe. At the bottom of the mountain is the Cathedral with its unique clock. Their specificity is that the dial is no minute hand.

Apparently, the watchmaker has suggested that residents the city does not necessarily know the time with minutes, because the minute hand and removed. In this case, the modern life rhythm setting priorities for a new way: residents of Vilnius, as well as visiting tourists, constantly looking at his watch as if scared of being late. In the city of many churches, stunning beauty, especially the striking Church of St. Anne, a true masterpiece of Gothic art. It is said that Napoleon Bonaparte, struck his magnificence, far-fetched dismantle a brick and transported to Paris.

Just attracts visitors the Church of St. Paul and Peter, who gifted artists make a masterpiece of architecture. The church lies in the region of 200 sculptures. Admire the magnificence of his Interior Sv.Ionasa church, which is located on campus. But in the city there are houses of different styles together to create a stunning image of Vilnius. Every 4-5 years during the summer in Vilnius is a famous holiday song lyrics Lithuanians, which from all parts of the country, and around the world gather tens of thousands of singers and dancers, a variety of creative teams. The holiday is happy and with a local touch, the participants of the festival dressed in national dress of various regions of Lithuania, they present their dance ability, song or composition. Vilnius at the same time, modern masterpiece and a fragment of medieval culture, so the avalanche visitors to the capital of Lithuania does not stop.