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Corporate Events

Corporate events, since some time become the norm of business communication with customers and partners, as well as a powerful tool for shaping and strengthening the corporate spirit of the company. Increasingly, Moscow companies prefer to hold corporate events in Moscow: trainings, seminars, and popular in recent years, team building events. 'This fact has a logical explanation, as the organization Corporate events in Moscow has some significant advantages' – shared their opinions Sergeeva Christina, Head of corporate events' Group of Companies' Homeland's vast expanses. " On Today, this is the best alternative to overseas travel, for several reasons: close proximity to the residence save you from tiring flight, a syndrome of climate change and allow a short period of time 30 minutes to 1.5 hours transported into another atmosphere, that will distract from rapid city life and more focused on the workflow. Mostly Bs located near Moscow, in environmentally friendly areas, surrounded by beautiful nature, and possess a range of services is no worse than in Turkey and Egypt, which makes it possible not only to work productively, but also in quality rest.

Infrastructure Suburban resorts are modern and varied: for business events: a set of conference rooms equipped with modern audio-visual media designed for events from 10 to 1000. for outdoor recreation are provided equipped with gazebos and barbecues stocking ponds. for active recreation – horseback riding, skiing, quad biking, hunting, fishing and even fly on airplanes; for people looking for their appearance and health services to offer modernly equipped spa and Wellness center, health and beauty center, swimming pools, saunas and baths, tourists will appreciate the extensive sports and entertainment Infrastructure: bowling, professional sports fields for soccer, tennis, volleyball, paintball, as well as numerous restaurants and bars. Hotel business of Moscow region does not stand still, and always happy the advent of new facilities offering original services, as well as the development of well-known objects. For example, pleasantly pleased with an excellent reputation in a short time, the Imperial Hotel, the discovery of a unique Center of business entertainment and sports 'Grand Arena', which is unparalleled in the suburbs, thanks to universal rooms accommodating up to 1000 people and the wider sporting and entertainment infrastructure.

Discovery of the year, according to law can be considered southbound near Moscow, in particular, District, which opened over the past two years, once two of the original object – this is sports and entertainment park 'Drakino' with a unique extreme and entertainment infrastructure, and Constantinople 'Spas-Teshilovo' corresponding to the level 5 *. The same way the southern direction has opened a new hotel of suburban otley Foresta – Foresta Festival Park, according to tradition his astounding sports and entertainment infrastructure. I am sure that the Moscow region and in the future will evolve at the same pace, so will have more supporters on holiday in his native Moscow. " Significant contribution to Tourism brings in Moscow Committee for Tourism of Moscow Region, headed by O. . The Committee is continuing work on the tourist attraction of Moscow region, improve the legal framework for the development tourism in the suburbs, attracting investments, as well as works on the classification of hotels in the suburbs. And in the end you want to quote from an interview with O. for the Russian newspaper: "So in fact in the suburbs is generally almost everything, except, perhaps, the warm sea '. Come and see for yourself!

Krasnodar Region

Harmoniously combining the beauty of nature and history, and the Taman Peninsula, which occupies about 2000 square kilometers on the western outskirts of the Kuban plains, is one of the most beautiful and distinctive parts of the Krasnodar Territory. Blue sky and sea. Fresh smelling air spaces of two seas – the Black and Azov. The mild climate. Wide beaches of fine sand and shell rock.

Taman – the land of heat and sun. The average summer temperature is +24 C. By number of sunny days Taman exceed , Sochi and . Exotic smooth, covered with tall cane, reed, cattail, sedge. Numerous estuaries: Kurchansky, Tsonur, Kiziltashsky, Ahtanizovsky over mirror-like surface which rises pale pink lotus flowers are amazingly beautiful. The richest flora and fauna, landscapes, endearing restrained and noble simplicity, more than 20 mud volcanoes have balneological properties, vineyards on the slopes of low hills, buried in the village green gardens – all these Taman earth, sanctified by the blood of the defenders, celebrated works of the ancestors and the hands of our contemporaries. About rich, dating back to ancient times the history of the Taman Peninsula, the quiet whispers of the steppe feather grass, showed thousands of years of burial. Sea waves, sighs and says, recalling the fiery sunset from the manes of horses and beautiful Amazons, according to legend, lived on the shores of Meotida (Sea of Azov), and angrily rolls ashore huge waves, as if washing away the traces of the fierce warriors, the Huns, seyavshih death and destruction.