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Supreme Intelligence

Who possesss espiritualidade is a person for same itself relatively clarified, for its readings, studies, reflections and meditations, and directly receives orientation from the world spiritual. I am not mentioning mdiuns, even so these are the instruments or canals through which the manifest espiritualidade if. But I speak more or less of espiritualizadas people, that is, in itself same clarified by the spirit. The religions exist to doutrinar those that they do not know to search nor to walk by themselves in the way of the espiritualidade. Men as Jesus do not need a religion (of the Latin? religio? or? reverse speed-ligare? = to religar, or to bind of new what he was off) to speak to the heart of the people.

It is enough that these make a daily pause in its tasks, if collect in itself same in its proper interior temple (? it enters in your room and it closes the door) looks for, by means of the control of its breath and of the absence of thoughts and feelings that can intervene with this exercise (the person must learn this), sincerely to hear the voice that comes of inside, of the silence of its proper one to be. A Biblical ticket exists in this direction that says (Mateus 7.7.8): ‘ ‘ I asked for it will be given and you, You search and you will find, You beat and if abrir’ to you; ‘. These words literally do not mean to leave to ask for, to search and to beat of door in door, as some people make. The act of religar, in the espiritualidade, is a liturgical act (of the Greek laos (people) + urged (work, craft) spontaneous, of each one, with its proper Master or interior I. On the other hand, God, Supreme Intelligence, and Jesuses, Its Son, do not need propaganda nor public recognition. They are what they are by themselves without the necessity to be presented nor Its attributes proclaimed for nobody. Who They are really on not necessary to give certifications of this nor to prove to that its life improved later that it accepted or it recognized in itself the Deity or the Christ Redentor.

Its proper personal behavior will go to radiate this condition of course. One another characteristic of the espiritualidade, different of the religion, is that the espiritualizados individuals do not complain of the life, nor asks for nothing for itself, not even the cure of illnesses. They simply accept and are thankful what they have or the picture why passes, while, for a close process of clarividncia, its personal persistence and its merits, they acquire the necessary knowledge and the power to act on behalf of the Father (? I and the Father Are One), a time that is d? It, for all the ends that lead to the good, legitimate heirs.


As the landmark text if relates the woman who lay the twelve years with this disease let us come back the levtico to see as that one proceeded whose FLOW, did not cease. Exactly the TOUCH, is present and makes here with that all touched that it was dirty, or everything that where it touched if became dirty, wants either until the afternoon or for more time. Because what in it was it passed to the others for the TOUCH as in the example of the text below: 19 But the woman, when she will have flow, and its flow of blood will be in its meat, will be seven days in its separation, any that to touch will be dirty until a late. 21 and any that to touch its bed will wash its vestments, and will be bathed with water, and will be dirty until a late. 22 and any that to touch some thing on what it will have been based itself will wash its vestments, and will be bathed with water, and will be dirty until a late. 23 If also some thing will be on the bed or on that where it was based itself, if somebody to touch, will be dirty until a late.

It is certain that the filthiness passes to VESTMENT, as in the examples of both the texts, by this they also would have to be washed. Exemplificando, what it is in the person passes to the VESTMENT being enough so that this occurs, a TOUCH. For woman with FLOW, monthly normal, the separation was of only SEVEN DAYS, but for that one where the FLOW if drew out per many days, it would have to be the time where the flow remained, moved away from the arraial, coexisting together with that they had LEPROSY, and that they had had contact with some DECEASED, as in the text below: Nm5: 2 Ordena to the children of Israel that they outside launch of the arraial the all leprous one, and all what flow suffers, and to all the dirty ones because of contact with some deceased.

When God

They can be even though in an adobe house, does not matter. God will be present since that the congregated people are congregated there in the Name of it with the contrito heart and in Spirit and Truth. Beautiful Churches, ace times, only lull to sleep the vanity human being, beauties temples, ace times, they only massageiam the Ego of being able religious of its members and leaders. For God not none makes difference to operate in a rich temple or a poor temple, what necessary God to find in these places is people who are deliberately to its disposal. What necessary God to find in these places is adoradores prostrados before its Sanctity. Very believing if he is deceptive when thinking that God if worries about faades of Churches, God if worries is with the heart of the believer that are the true temple of it and from where the sources of the life proceed. The fact of the man to construct beautiful, huge and performed with care things, most of the time, is related with the necessity accomplishment human being, with the necessity of overcoming of itself exactly or other men.

When the man makes something beautiful this is related, in certain way, with its interior vanity. Now, when God makes something huge and beautiful he does not have nothing to see with vanity or necessity to prove superiority or capacity to others. When God makes huge beautiful things e, It differently of the man is demonstrating its perfection, because God is perfect. He thinks about this, and that God it It blesses richly, greatly and powerfully on behalf of ours Mr. and Salvador Jesus Christ. Amen. Geraldo Goulart