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De Janeiro Childbirth

What if it all gave per century XIX, necessary period so that techniques of surgery, anesthesia and asepsis in the childbirth work were developed. The institutionalized childbirth was necessary so that such techniques projected and were carried through. The first ideas of hospitalization of the childbirth appear in the Europe and Brazil if of the one from century XIX. Rio De Janeiro and Bahia had served of installation for the first facultieses where the courses of formation for obstetricians in 1832 had been created. Women would have to learn the medical and scientific teachings on the basis of.

She happens from there formation of the professional obstetrician, subordinating the rite of partejar the medical authority. Valley to remember that with the resqucios of the black slavery, the demanded norms (age, to know to read, antecedents of good customs) left of is the obstetrician layperson (SAINTS, 2004, P. 07). The transference for the hospital resulted in changes in the event of the childbirth. Make reference to reference this event Souza (2005, P. 18) it portraies that amongst them they are: the use of the bistoury and frceps, procedures as episiotomia and the cesariana, changes in the position to give birth: of the vertical position, to that lying with the legs supported in stirrups, providing to the doctor one better intervention, while of the patient is being deducted the right to choose the best form to place its son in the world, because it was stipulated that pra is better parturient to go for the hospital.

At the same time where part of the population had an affection for the diplomee obstetricians, it had a resistance on the part of great part of the population to the news conditions imposed to the event of the birth. The resistance to the internment remained per many years (SOUSA, 2005, P. 18).

Psychological Defense

Often, we are exposed to psychological pressure from the outside. In this article, I discussed the main principle of manipulators – complete ignorance. However, if we suspect that we are manipulated – we can get rid of exposure. And if we know the basic mechanisms of psychological defense is forearmed! Psychologists are 6 main types of psychological defense. Of course, there are others, but it is – the basics.

Knowing them, you'll be able to guided and protected. Go to Assurant Health for more information. So, let's begin. 1. Nursing essence of this method is simple – simply care. Ie If you feel that you exert psychological pressure, you simply move away from this man, this premise does not think about what is happening and that you find this person says.

In the future we try to avoid contact with the suspects in manipulating people. However, despite the fact that this method is quite widespread, and many use it, not knowing the other, it is not very good and efficient. Our care is often clumsy, which may enable the manipulator stage for even greater pressure. Therefore, we will consider other methods. 2. Sending The simplest example of this method: You just're sending people to the most remote corners of the anus or genitals. It is used very often. Sometimes it is better the first way, sometimes negatively affected. A very controversial way to use who stands with great caution. 3. Neutralization of this method is much better the first two. And occurs in everyday life, it is much rarer. Its essence is to transfer attention to the situation in a different direction.

Good Mood – The Best Way To Beauty

Agree that a woman in a good mood always looks much more attractive than one that is in a gloomy frame of mind, even if it is the owner of a perfect appearance and wearing a "brand-new." Looking at such beauty and wonder, "OK, but something was missing." A missing important – the inner light, which can make ugly beautiful. When a woman is in a good mood, she seemed lit from within: the eyes are burning, cheeks rosy, friendly smile on his face is, the gait is light, flying, and men escorted a woman looks. But alas, many of us have somehow neglected such an effective tool for beauty, as a good mood. A lot of money we spend on expensive cosmetics, fashion stylists and famous plastic surgeons. And about his state of mind to forget. Meanwhile, there is nothing that makes the man as a sincere smile. This is even physiological explanation available. Good mood and positive emotions improve circulation, push back the onset of old age.

Conversely, negative emotions, anger, frustration, cause vasospasm, which is reflected the nutrition of the skin. And finally, the smile remains young and beautiful face. With a smile, only 17 umyshts strain, while the sullen grimace – 43 muscles, which is why a person's face, constantly dwelling in the dark state, with time becomes unpleasant, repulsive features, it appears deep wrinkles. And no makeup can not hide them. As the famous Coco Chanel said, 'In twenty years, the woman's face from God, in the thirty – how she managed to create his own, and fifty person must be earned.

Social Psychology

Weaveeing a thought in relation to the construction of Social Psychology, it is to salutar to search in its origins as this if it developed while science and while practical. Due to World War II many European academics, professors and scientists migraram for the United States. With this the debate enters the cognitivista theory of Gestalt x Behaviourism was essential to develop Social Psychology. From then on some courses of doutoramento in Social Psychology had been being created in the universities. That the studies of the masses and changes of attitudes had as interest, this was tied very with the capitalist spirit, in what if it made necessary for the United States to become enlarged and they kept its hegemony in the world. Thus being, thinkers as Robert M.

Farr in its book Roots of Modern Social Psychology, 2000, it said that ' ' although social Psychology to have its roots in the Europe, the flowers are essentially americana' '. In this last one where this if developed and later was exported to other parts of the world. This if gave for reconstructions of the universities of the Europe and Japan. It is interesting to mention that the formadores were all formed in the United States, in this way, all the knowledge base was done from the American American context and American experience, point of view, without mentioning that the questions at least were ressignificadas pra the cultural context of these countries. This same influence happened in the universities of Latin America, therefore the professors made its formations of after-graduation in the United States, bringing all obtain a basement of a more psychological psychology of what social. Where if he takes in consideration everything what it was practical, alone that the man did not take itself in consideration as a historical being, active; of such to form that many of the done and corroborated research in the United States were impossible of if reproducing here (in Latin America).


‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ Referring managemental hypotheses to the nature humana.’ ‘ The texts make a boarding of a general and well ample vision on some theories, hypotheses and studies that had appeared in elapsing of history, to explain and to define the nature human being and to try to understand the behavior of the people in the organizations with the objective to improve the relations between employed and masters and also to increase the productivity in the companies. Organizacional Psychologist looks for to develop a concept of the nature human being, in order to provide to the entrepreneurs some ideas to help if better to relate them it with its employees. The organizacional psychologist search in the theory of the motivation the explanation for the behavior of the people in the organizations and thus to define some parameters to understand the nature better human being. To understand the motivation and the human behavior she is necessary to develop a set of hypotheses on people, and to point out this hypothesis in a sociological context /situacional and desenvolvimental. Sociological/situacional? them to be human, in one definitive situation, they in accordance with act the meaning that this situation has for them. She really does not obtain yourself to understand that type of situations the dignity of a person represents threat without if considers the situacional and sociological perspective, without the norms and values of determined person inside are studied of its group. Desenvolvimental – the necessities, the values and the norms in accordance with change the evolution of the society, the organization and also of the individual (Sheir, 1978, Hall, 1976). The motivation standards are also influenced by a organizacional perspective, that is, the way as the employees are treated by the company, the types of norms and values, the types exerted authority and power..

Haller Science

No less frequently changed and they are also his profession and specialty, is powerful genius could not be satisfied with their one kind of science, and it is in her to speak. ‘5. These are strong, a great interest in the minds passionately devoted to science and eagerly take up the resolution of difficult issues as the most suitable, perhaps, for their painfully excited energy. In every science they are able to capture outstanding new features and build on the basis of their absurd conclusions sometimes. ‘6.

All geniuses have their own unique style, passionate, vibrant, colorful, distinguishing them from other health writer and peculiar to them, may be, precisely because it is produced under the influence of psychosis. The situation is confirmed by his own acknowledgment of such geniuses that they are all at the end of ecstasy is not capable of not only writing but also thinking. ‘7. Almost all of them deeply suffered from religious doubts, which unwittingly submitted their mind, while the shy conscience compelled to consider such doubts crimes. For example, Haller wrote in his diary: ‘My God! Send me though would be one drop of faith, my mind believes in you, but your heart does not share this belief – that is my crime. ” ‘8. The main features of the abnormality of these great men are expressed in the very structure of their speech and writing, in no logical findings in absurd contradictions. Did Socrates, a brilliant thinker, predict Christian morality and Jewish monotheism was not crazy when guided in his actions and voice guidance of imaginary genius, or even sneezing?


This article considers a reflection concerning the studies of the vidaintra-uterine one, subject recently explored by psychoanalysts, eprofissionais psychologists of diverse areas. Fetal dopsiquismo is about a search of the knowledge, considering, through carried through research that, already since oventre maternal, the embryo catches emotions that the mother is living deeply in its day postpones, has an emotional life, suggesting a possible continuity dasexperincias lived in the prenatal period, that they would resurge inconscientementeaps the birth. Prenatal Psychology appeared approximately has thirty anose, with the advent of the new technologies as the ultrasound, can be perceived otero as surrounding natural and relationary of the embryo. During the gestation, mother-embryo makes-seimportante the establishment of the affective bonds. Word-key: PsicologiPr-Christmas.

Psiquismo Fetal. Intrauterine life. Bond mother-embryo. The present article has objective of aprofundarreflexes related to the Psiquismo Fetal, subject very only recentementeabraado. It is treated of the North and in the European continent in the areas, as much of biology and dapsicologia of the development, how much of the psychoanalysis. ‘ ‘ …

The knowledge of importante prenatal psychology in such a way for evolutiva psychology as for the psychoanalysis, cujoobjeto primordial of study is the unconscious one. With effect, if to consider quetodos the facts occurred with the being before it being born) receive registromnmico, b) that this register is kept only in the plan of the unconscious one, c) that all the experiences for which passes the being in the prenatal period will go fazerparte of its unconscious luggage, exerting> influence in such a way on the suapersonalidade after-Christmas as on its behavior and its behavior, and d) that the study of the unconscious one it is the object par excellence of the psychoanalysis, concludes that the study of prenatal psychology it is of importance fundamentalpara … ‘ ‘ (WILHEIM, 2002, pg. 18). With the advent of the technologies as the ultrasound, aprimoramentodo electron microscope, the fecundao techniques in vitro, the development of the intrauterine photograph eimportantes contributions and discoveries made in the field dapsiconeuro-endocrino-imunologia, as well as the magnifying of the agreement of formaoe functioning of the human psiquismo, a light has been launched on the fetal life, allowing to extend the knowledge concerning the behavior and development dofeto.