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Air Conditioners

Air conditioners with air ionization. Is there smysel spend extra money on air conditioning with a similar function? What is the ionization of the air? Ambient air we breathe, always carries some of its molecules electric charges. The process of charge on the molecule is called ionization and a charged molecule – or a light ion ions. If the ionized molecule is deposited on the liquid particles or dust particle, such ion is difficult. Air ions are of two charges – positive and negative. In the air of the number of light ions may fall to 50-100 1 cu. see, while in rural mesnosti this number about 1 cubic 800-1000. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dr. Neal Barnard on most websites. see, and heavy – to increase tens of thousands in a cube.

See Heavy ions are harmful to human health and the lungs, especially negative, have a beneficial and healing effects. Where is an ionizer air conditioner? Its location in the inner air conditioner unit under ventelyatorom. Its role is to generate negative ions, which have a positive impact on our orgonizm. The fact that negative ions have a positive effect on all living creatures was discovered Russian Professor Chizhevskii in the 19th century. The air conditioner anions (otretsatelno charged molecule) are due to high discharge between the electrodes of the generator, which passes through the air. Also, the ionization level Snezana unpleasant zapohov including cigarette smoke. But at the moment suchestvuet medical opinion that not all people have a need for additional otretsatelno charged ions through the air conditioner, and even there people who impact this air conditioner directly contraindicated. So if you do decide to buy air conditioning, think and do you need this additional feature. You can only say that the most careful of your best not to tempt fate and get the simplest of household air-conditioner.


Life of modern people can not be imagined without the use of disinfectants. They allow you to destroy a variety of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. Modern medicine, some of the industry industry, and everyday life of people can not do without these disinfecting agents. All disinfectants can be divided into several groups. The first group – these are different formulations used in household purposes. We have regular cleaning of the house and often in the kitchen, and especially in the bathroom and toilet, we use a variety of disinfectants to ensure purity. One must distinguish between ordinary household cleaners and disinfectants funds.

A variety of scouring powders do not necessarily have an antimicrobial effect. They may remove ordinary dirt, have a whitening effect, but not to kill some dangerous microorganisms. Today very common detergents, which simultaneously possess and disinfectant qualities and standard detergents. All disinfectants should be used in strict according to the instructions, otherwise they may spoil the surface to be cleaned or product, as well as harm to human health. So always have to strictly adhere to the instructions for use of any means: to observe dosage and time of use, as well as pay attention to the expiration date means. Some disinfectants can not be used without special protection.

For example, a respirator or mask. Without exception, all household disinfectants should be used only in protective rubber gloves. Cleaners can have a negative affect on the skin and mucous membranes of humans. In case of contact with common household cleaners on your skin or mucous membranes should immediately wash the affected area with warm water. Disinfectants now – it's a familiar element of our lives. However, their use is controlled, as they can bring not only benefits but also harm.