Sometimes, I will describe the landscape, others, the communities through which runs my walk. Also my thoughts, those who come to me as I walk the path and I can then transfer to paper, what you see and feel about people with whom cross me, my opinions and views on those people with whom to share the road, shelters, its officers, or lack of attention, where to eat or rest stop, and in short, the story of an adventure to which I I launched willing to suffer and enjoy, to spend hard times and enjoy other good, to feel the loneliness and companionship, to suffer and endure harsh and why not, to experiment with resignation, relief, patience, determination and perseverance. It is for this that I ask reader, be merciful to my faults, my inconsistencies tolerant and open to the spirit that I make this Way and his story, thus the satisfaction of having done it (I hope so) will be pleased to me by the fact that please enjoy my story to the reader.

I left home at 06:40 hours in the morning, with a bit of uneasiness to leave my wife alone in bed, and the sorrow of leaving a bit abandoned. I hope she understands my decision, my willingness to do the Camino when I still think I can, my firm intention to do so now and again for various reasons they are; disciplining my attitude and temper my habits in those early years of my retirement, quit the game at five in the afternoon, reflecting on my relationship with my wife, my children and friends, discipline the body to a healthy life and healthy, and finally, create or attempt to create in me a new man to come home to enjoy what is theirs (the wife, children, friends) with a new attitude that makes you feel and appreciate the value that corresponds to them, love, coexistence and friendship. .