M4E anchored a continuous improvement process in the corporate culture of Ebermannstadt, 22.12.2010. The EMS provider (electronic manufacturing services) Vierling has implemented measures to improve efficiency in electronics manufacturing in the international research project of methods for efficiency (M4E). The research institutes participating in the M4E project and companies met at the University of Bayreuth, to give a current status report. Four of a kind is one of the companies in which the optimization processes are well advanced. M4E aims, to analyse processes, provide information on opportunities for improvement, and to reduce the waste of resources.

A rethinking has employed four of a kind continuous improvement by M4E”, says Martin Vierling, Member of the Executive Board and responsible for production and process optimisation. M4E has pointed out ways us, optimal use of resources and to develop lean manufacturing processes. Aim is a continuous improvement process (CIP), in which the entire company is involved. Our employees continually suggest improvements and an internal team of lean production checked regularly all processes of production efficiency. This permanently anchored in the corporate culture of four of a kind.

the idea of optimization” Four of a kind has made short distances for more productivity on the basis of the M4E project over 20 optimizations of different scope. At goods receipt, the electronics manufacturers has reduced for example process paths. The staff summarized the area formerly on two rooms divided in a room who reduced the number of work tables from 20 to seven and the average route from twelve to five metres. In the Assembly, Vierling has made a time savings of 30 percent in a manufacturing project through improved workplace design. To reduce energy consumption, Vierling has analyzed its compressed air system by means of ultrasound and leaks closed. In this way, energy savings could be achieved, the annual consumption of a four person household match.