They settle in the intestine and direct in some of the foods that you eat. This can help to lose weight, but the possible risks are enormous. You can be with the life of a worm of 20 feet in his interior. Nevertheless, some people make this type of things outside desperation. Diets of hunger Hay many ways in which the hunger is used to lower of weight.

Some of them are simply stupid like the air Diet, That is as idiot as to his it indicates it name. Others include very popular programs and a little less extreme, like GM diet that to reduce to its ingestion of calories and nutrients to very low levels. It is possible to indicate that some of these diets are due to realise by a short period of time. Some people, nevertheless, tend to cling for a long time to them and this can be risky. 2. Patches, magical pills and potions It will arrive a little while in which science discovers cures for the increase of weight? Perhaps it is thus.

At the moment, me meteria in the regular exercise and a routine of sensible diet, if I were you. The industry of the loss of weight is full of pills, potions, the supplements of shade and other products that promise a loss of weight without effort. I am not totally against the supplements. Some of them can provide a valuable addition a its diet. Nevertheless, in the belief that a tablet or I supplement somehow can replace the exercise and a suitable nutrition is an unnecessary madness. It is not nothing else that a stratagem of marketing to take advantage of desire people to be thin. You do not leave your madness of loss of weight throws a good money in these useless products.