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The objects of our reality are fields of vibrational energy that our attention decodes in the form that we can perceive with our senses. We transform these fields of energy into solid objects with our attention, information, beliefs and emotion. STRATEGY 3: creative EMOTIONS emotions have a power that is 5,000 times greater than the of thoughts, with them we create our reality allowing us focus and validate what we believe. The emotions also generate a vibration frequency in coherence with the brain that scientists call the heart coherence. When you think and feel something nice generated frequency waves that can be read by sophisticated equipment, demonstrating that emotions have the power to modify the structure of the own DNA, in such a way that thinking and feeling is to practice corporal impact brain chemistry; It is proof of the power that have emotions to create power structures and information that generate health. Accompanied by an emotion thinking generates measurable changes within the body physical. With which emotions you choose to create your experiences? * YOU convert in what feel and in what you think the most time * field of infinite possibilities or the universe speaks the language of emotions that an emotion is generated from a belief, that is a knowledge-based thinking.

The field of all possibilities (universe) has a holographic quality by virtue of which the part contains the whole and the whole contains the part; We are part of that everything, and co-create with him with our beliefs (information) and emotions (energy). What emotions you choose for co – create your experiences? With what beliefs you decide to feed your emotions to create what you want? What 3 first steps bring you closer to generate creative emotions? 3 Decisions do you choose to do now to generate emotions creatively healthy? * INFINITE WORLDS APPEAR AND DISAPPEAR IN THE VAST EXPANSE OF MY OWN CONSCIENCE AS DUST PARTICLES THAT DANCE IN A BEAM OF LIGHT. Vedic saying what old paradigms has? hit it for this article? I appreciate your valuable comments and questions you have problems in this area of your life? I can help you efficiently and with results. BELIEVE to create being to create the life your way!

This Mexican

THE PROTAGONISTS: VERoNICA OROZCO: it is a very fresh and natural actress, you can play with the candor and sensuality with the same court, easily becoming a villain Harpy and melindrosa or a sweet woman of great character, or perhaps a prudish underhand. This time gives life to a young biologist with extrasensory powers, something romantic, modern, but with moral guidelines strict. MARCK TACHER: Everyone remembers them sheathed in the costume of a passionate mariachi who renounced everything for love, now is a young lawyer in criminalistics that unintentionally and account of the nervousness and the dangerous love affairs of his father, involved East with the mafia, ends exile along with other members of his family, under the figure of protected by the prosecution witnesses. This Mexican actor continues to enjoy popularity in the Hispanic field and has the challenge of showing another facet in a melodrama of Vanguard. LUIS EDUARDO ARANGO: Old dog, late cast, it is the proverb which conforms well to this important actor Colombian whose versatility seems to have no limit, since makes a good number of years we have seen in different facets and characters, one after another, with a characteristic professionalism learned of great and remembered masters of acting as Boris Roth, directors such as David Stivelmagnified characters written by writers such as Bernardo Romero; After characterizing a more good than the bread man, emblem of true friendship in the daughter of the mariachi, picks up the facet of the bad, a capo despot, violent and calculating, he will very likely know move forward without fear. Protected saves some similarity to the telenovela the widow of the mafia, which although we recall here in Colombia did not have much receptivity and abroad much less due in good part to its theme, misguided choice of protagonists and its slow narrative that lathe as a telenovela heavy, very outlined in his libretti, hopefully not the same happens with is proposedmore is not to take into account the suggestions raised. Let’s give it time. Original author and source of the article..

Skinner Development

Bart begins to attend college at the age of 5, his behavior always evidence that an acceptance of the role of student who must assume; there is from the moment that comes to school Milhouse Van Houten becomes his best friend. Milhouse helps you understand what their problems are and how see them people Bart, an example of this is when Bart understands that it is the buffoon of the school and the worst enemy of principal Skinner; Bart demonstrates that its behavior is characteristically comical and uses them as a means of adaptation and acceptance by their peers, which is evidenced in its easy to communicate. The cognitive development of Bart is affected from the age of 8. Until that time it presents a good academic performance, but demotion due to the appearance of the Simpson gene, likewise it is evident that Bart does not possess an adequate cognitive development in terms of prosecutions logical, but if evidenced by the development of qualities specific such as a high degree of socialization with peers, communication skills and development of common sense which leads it an effective solution of their problems. Theoretical contextualization of the ecological model. Below describes the social and cognitive development of Bart Simpson from the theoretical approach of the ecology of human development proposed by Bronfenbrenner and Piagetiana perspective. As mentioned before, for Piaget (1964) Bart would be in the stage of concrete operations, and his thinking has the ability to assume operations ration them; ecological model of Bronfenbrenner taken from model Bronfenbrenner as the psiconcologia theoretical framework and predictors of juvenile antisocial behavior is used to describe its development: an ecological model studies based on ecological theory of development. The ecological perspective of development sees the environment as a set of levels or structures held each other in a linear fashion (Torrico, Pappus, Villas, Alvares and Lopez, 2002).

Civil Guard

Young people consumed, according to testimony from his friends, various narcotics such as cocaine, speed or Thornapple. The rave attended took place in an area known as la Aldehuela. The bodies appeared in the vicinity of a river, separated by several metres. Two eighteen year olds have died in Perales del Rio (Getafe) and another is in serious condition after a rave party held in the area this weekend, according to sources from the national police and the Civil Guard in Madrid. The bodies appeared in the vicinity of a river, separated by several feet and several hours of difference. In addition, bodies were not found signs of violence.

The causes of death has not been confirmed, but the hypothesis is a drug overdose, since during the party youth consumed cocaine, speed and Thornapple, among other substances, as been stated by the friends of the victims. Passes 18: 00 hours a couple alerted to the Summa that he had found the body of a young man in unconscious state, when they walked through an area camprestre of Perales del Rio. Upon arrival, restrooms found that the young man had been dead for several hours, judging by the lividity presented, according to sources of emergency of Madrid. Later, around 23: 00 hours and following the course of the River, were found by the Civil Guard and the Local police of Getafe the corpse of a young man and another in serious condition, which has been admitted to the hospital in that town. Statements of some friends questioned by agents have allowed to know that young people had participated in a rave party in an area known as la Aldehuela. There they consumed various substances, such as the Thornapple, a plant containing toxic components and that sometimes is used in ceremonies of shamans. Source of the news: two killed and one injured at a rave in Getafe

Current Google Street View Images

Portaltic/EP a fan of the Google application has superimposed images in movement of more than 50 years ago about the current layers of Google Street View. It is an external tool to Google Street View, but using their maps. If currently Google Street View allows users to have the feeling to be walking through the streets thanks to the three-dimensional view, a new tool immerses users in London in 1920 or in the Rome of 1950. The tool There and Then inserts older videos in the three-dimensional current Google Street View images. Thus, if users are looking for London Bridge or the Colosseum in Rome to zoom the image appears inserted a video where appears the same monument or street recorded more than 50 years ago.

This tool does not belong to Google. Keir Clarke, the creator of an unofficial blog about so-called Google Google Maps Mania has developed. So far, Clarke has inserted into the current images 18 videos of different recordings. Lambeth Palace Road in London in 1922, where the houses are of the Parliament, the Opera de Paris in 1956, the Piazza Venezia in Rome in 1950 or St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican in 1960 are some of the videos that are mixed with the more modern images from Google Street View. Meanwhile Clarke has posted an entry on his blog where users asked to their opinion about the tool. I love to know what you think about the application, especially if you think that this interface is intuitive or a bit difficult to understand. So that you feel free to say what you think in the comments, says Clarke. Source of the news: A tool allows you to view historic videos on current Google Street View images

Ovarian Cysts

How to remove ovarian cysts? This is the question that women with cysts, do their doctors. Doctors, for their part, will explain the majority of ovarian cysts are benign and do not affect them. Active now for cases that require medical attention, there are medications available to them, even surgery, although surgery is used in extreme cases only. Ovarian cysts should be removed only when they have proved to be malignant or they are already causing much pain and discomfort ovarian cysts may be manifested in the body of the woman in different ways:-lot bleeding the menstruating. Suppression of the menstruacio for months. Pain in the lower abdomen. Fainting, drops in pressure. villi.

Women who have doubts about their ability to conceive, due to ovarian cysts should first consult a specialist in fertility problems. In reality, there are types of cysts that can affect fertility. There may be a need to remove the fallopian tubes and an ovary, in some cases. This must be taken into account when considering future pregnancies. A plan to treat the problem of fertility may also recommend.

The women concerned must be prepared for tests that the doctor could perform before treatment or removal of ovarian cysts. A similar test to an annual gynecological exam or ultrasound can be done. These tests used sound waves to get a clear image of the reproductive organs and detect abnormalities. The results of these tests, the physician may require a laparoscopy, a surgical exploration, and other recommendations. All options should be discussed. Unless it is obvious that the immediate suppression of the cysts of ovaries through surgery is necessary, women can always opt for taking medication or wait for cysts to disappear alone. Ovarian cysts are known to reduce or disappear quickly as they appeared. In any case, all angles of treatment and the benefits of each must be carefully considered. When the exam results tend to favour surgical procedures for removal, method of how to remove ovarian cysts by surgery which can be a small incision or a total abdominal surgery all this should be discussed with the doctor. This article is based on the book, delete Amanda Clark ovarian cysts. Amanda is a woman who fought for 9 years with the problem of ovarian cysts until he found the solution in a casual way.

The Steps

Perhaps his happiness is in a quiet life and in more short trips, may have too many years ago to have a trucker by owner. The best thing for Bonito is a life with a real family, in a villa with garden and trees of various types. Bonito deserves to be happy. Bonito deserves to him. Bonito deserves to stay warm at night. Nice need to walk and move.

Nice need better food. Nice deserves a great home. Bonito deserves to have a happy face. Bonito deserves kisses and hugs. Urgently needed that they carry there.

I want to be your thief. But it wouldn’t be a theft, it would be a charity, is a very large need to remove him from that sad place that is. I’m looking for people who think like me, looking for allies in this great struggle. You am looking for you Yes, you you’re lying on the couch not knowing that you do with your life, you are just a poor sad situations beholder but that you are unable to move a finger to change them. Now we have because fight. Step may not be prohibited to get him out of there. This should take the steps that are required and go through any door or window. Bonito is giving us the opportunity to be really important, take him and to love him, take care of him and protect him. Maybe if do not soon die of grief or hunger, other dogs bite, forget to give him food and drink, perhaps if we don’t soon, soon it will be too late. Original author and source of the article.