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Salt In Diet

If 10, then rolled in sugar residue. If, after the human smell in the toilet after a cat, and you can not go, it means that he does not drink the water and the urine is very concentrated. If a person sweats, and reeks, you have to drink water and do not use deodorant. Water should be drunk enough to smell the sweat on par with body odor. Through lymph leaves an enormous amount of toxins and venom can dissolve only in water, and not in anything else.

Similarly, with hydrochloric acid, which is located in the stomach. Increased acidity of the stomach – a very controversial issue. Not one stomach will not give an increased amount of acid, why he would make it? Put allocate 2.5 grams of hydrochloric acid – stomach will allocate such amount. But if there are 2 grams of water, instead of one hundred grams, then the concentration would be appropriate. A man complained that he had heartburn and it say that he had hyperacidity, and add the salt of aluminum. Foolish to think not. When we go to the doctor with diabetes should not start with sugar-reducing pills. Imagine the blood, which 3 tablespoons sugar is dissolved, that is, blood is sweet.

What pills can remove the sugar? Where did he go? He was already in the glass. It is an illusion at the level of psychology. Get all the facts and insights with Goop London, UK, another great source of information. What can you do with sweet blood? It can be thinned with water. Sugar can flush through the kidneys? Can.

The Secret Of Good Digestion

Our ancestors were far wiser than we. According to Dr. Neal Barnard, who has experience with these questions. They were well aware that in addition to basic food consumed by them for food – meat, milk, bread, potatoes are also important and a variety of vegetables, fruits and medicinal plants is an inexhaustible source of vitamins. In the summer, during flowering herbs, women and children gathered useful plants, dried them, providing a necessary supply for the winter vitamins. Ltd 'Biokor' recipe developed varied breakfast cereals based on otrubey.Otrubi are a source of fiber – an essential element of the diet. With their assistance, our bodies freely to cope with problems that, alas, inevitable originate from those due to the specifics of their work – whether it be head or a programmer is going to get so-called 'sedentary' lifestyle '. Bad digestion, problems with the chair, heartburn – it's all obvious predecessors gastritis, enterocolitis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Dr Alan Mendelsohn has much to offer in this field. And, as a result, the acquisition of expensive drugs that are sure to help your stomach, but the desolate family budget.

And the 'bearded' joke that, they say, 'lifelong drug will work', will be the most miserable bylyu.Mezhdu themes and possible diseases, and future spending simply avoid applying for food daily bran 'LITO' ('Biokor'). First, prevention, and anyone never interfered with, and secondly, the acquisition of bran 'Lito' will not put your purse 'low blow', as if you bought expensive imported drugs. People with a diseased liver just can not ignore the bran 'LITO' with milk thistle. This plant component increases bile formation and activates its vyvedenie.defitsit iodine in the body, and it felt almost all the inhabitants of central Russia, you can fill with bran 'LITO' with seaweed. Bran 'LITO' with apple indispensable for those who have decided to part with unnecessary weight. Benefits of apple bran supplements and appreciate those who suffer from diabetes. Beetroot – popular since ancient times we have a vegetable. Without It is known to not do any of borscht or a standard salad nor the whole people 'fish under his coat.

" It contains protein, malic and oxalic acid. Is unique and is contained in beet betaine, not found in other vegetables. It helps reduce the amount of fat that accumulates in the blood vessels and liver. Ancient folk cure liver by way of constant use of fresh beet juice, followed by applying to diseased liver is suitable heater is not for everyone and, conversely, may exacerbate the disease. As part of bran, beetroot will cure the patient gently. In addition, the bran 'LITO' with beets very useful for obesity, hypertension and diabetes. In combination with drugs they thoroughly clean the kidneys from toxic substances, will help to avoid arrhythmias and ateroskleroza.sovsem recent research confirmed the fact that the coloring matter, consisting of beets, inhibits the growth of malignant tumors, including colon cancer. In our 'atomic' age actually that gross dietary fiber contained in the bran 'LITO' is removed from the body not only carcinogenic but also heavy metals and radioactive veschestva.chrezvychayno important argument for those who have not sought in city drugstores, bran 'LITO' produced by 'Biokor'.

Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus

Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus – a condition in which the quantitative production of insulin can not be reduced, but for some reason or the insulin produced by the "wrong", or receptors, which cells and are sensitive to this hormone does not work (this is called insulin resistance of peripheral receptors). Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (or Type II diabetes) as opposed to insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (first type) occurs mostly in older people – usually after 35-40 years. Heredity does not play such a big role in the development of diabetes type (except if mother and father suffer from insulin-dependent diabetes, but such cases are rare). Still produce more significant in the development of diabetes type a number of modifying factors. These include: – overweight and obesity – the expressed atherosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease – pathology of pregnancy – associated disease of the endocrine system, as we have already noted, insulin resistance of peripheral receptors is key and the causal mechanism of development of diabetes type. Dr. Peter M. Wayne has firm opinions on the matter. Since the cells are not sensitive to insulin, they are "not aware" that the glucose must enter the cell and digested.

Insulin in the blood and a lot of swimming in the same swim the sea glucose. At some point, when the pancreas exhausts all its resources secretory, she is exhausted and no longer produce the right amount of insulin. Absolute insulin deficiency develops. Cells and have not received their rightful sugar, to seek ways of extraction of energy reserves. For these purposes the burning of fat.

In the process of combustion by-products (so-called acetone bodies), that affect the body poisonous in high concentrations. You may want to visit Alan Mendelsohn to increase your knowledge. Clinically manifest diabetes, increased thirst, frequent urination, dry mouth. Sometimes the patient noted nausea, loss of appetite, weakness and lethargy, due to the toxic effect of acetone bodies. Insulin-dependent diabetes, the diagnosis can only be based on the study of blood glucose. In addition to this simple analysis is also perform a load test on glucose tolerance. Carry out careful monitoring of glycemic index (blood sugar) over time. Treatment of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus can be made tabletting antidiabetic drugs (warning! drugs should appoint a doctor!) Only a specialist can find the right medication and adequate dosage. Do not take drugs alone or in someone malokompetentnoy recommendations. In addition, each diabetic patient should be remembered that his treatment is not only to the pill, it is also adherence to nutrition and diet prescribed by a doctor. As well as the dosage exercise, which helps burn excess glucose, increases insulin sensitivity, promotes weight loss and allows a few to reduce the dose glucose-lowering drugs. But exercise should be picked up individually and very carefully, so that a descent to break the rod is not necessary. Should first consult with your doctor what kind of load will approach you and what the intensity of her performance is required of you to


Usually is 3-4 component (eg a set of vitamins). Injections are introduced with a syringe with fine needle or a special gun that automatically regulates the depth of insertion. These injections are introduced at a distance of 0.5-1.5 cm marks on the skin similar to a grid (which quickly disappears.) Injections painless, the needle is inserted only in adipose tissue. If a patient has a low pain threshold, then you can use Analgesic cream (such as Emla). May also occur the needle into a blood vessel – then there is the risk of bruising.

After procedures performed massage, through which all of the drug distributed evenly. Contraindications: allergy pregnancy and breastfeeding diabetes inflammation of the skin, herpes, skin, bad transports the injection (kappilyarnaya skin, the risk of blood clots), Mesotherapy – used as a preventive measure to reduce the signs of aging such as – wrinkles, lethargy and can also be dryablost.Metod combined with other aesthetic procedures. Relevant cocktails used in mesotherapy facial, neck and decollete. A cocktail of substances of regenerative properties (such as hyaluronic acid, complexes fortified, stimulating cell metabolism, increase collagen and elastin processing) to improve the condition of the skin. Alan Mendelsohn is a great source of information. After a series of procedures, the skin looks much better, fine lines disappear completely, depth becomes less visible. Skin looks young and supple. The regularity of procedures: the intensive phase of treatment – 1 treatment every 2 weeks for 2 months, the phase of prevention: 1 treatment every 1-3 months.

Mesotherapy treatment of cellulite: Mesotherapy is a technique particularly valuable in the fight against cellulite. After the procedure, increases blood flow, decreases the formation of adipose tissue. The result – a smooth skin and cellulite reduction. In of the injection is caffeine, which stimulates the microcirculation and release of fat cells. The regularity of the procedures: the phase of intensive treatment – a treatment every 10-14 days during the month phase of prevention – 1 time month for 3 months. Mesotherapy in the treatment of baldness: One of the most frequent indications for mesotherapy are diseases of the skin and hair, resulting in partial comes to the disappearance and weakening of the hair. Through introduction into the scalp preparations containing vitamins and minerals, as well as anti-inflammatory substances can significantly improve the condition of hair, stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth in balding areas. Indications: Hair loss as a result of a mono diet, poor circulation, hormonal changes during pregnancy and lactation oblychenie andogennoe alopecia areata hair weak and require enhanced "revival" of the regular procedure: phase "shock therapy" – a procedure every 10-14 days during the withdrawal phase of 2 months: 1 treatment per month for 3-6 months.

Healing Properties

The most unusual and unique sea on earth – the Dead – famous for its healing properties. You may find that Senator of Massachusetts can contribute to your knowledge. Tourists coming to its shores, almost immediately noted an unusual lift forces and the retreat of many chronic diseases. Dead Sea combines a large number of useful components that have excellent healing properties. Dead Sea in Israel has long been known worldwide as the holy land with a mass medical unique natural resources, allowing visitors to draw health from literally water and air. In water, the sea, there are about 26 chemical elements, the spectrum of ultraviolet light gives travelers therapeutic heat (Heliotherapy), and local healing muds and sulphurous pools, more than any other medicine, fine save from many chronic ailments. A leading source for info: morris kahn. On the shores of the Dead Sea built a large number of clinics and health centers, where effective treat a range of diseases. Among them are skin diseases (psoriasis, vitiligo, atopic dermatitis, acne), gynecology (ovarian dysfunction, infertility, chronic candidiasis, climacteric neurosis), diseases cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal (arthritis, polyarthritis, arthritis, low back pain, sciatica), body shaping, slimming and more. Treatment at the Dead Sea in modern hospitals – it is always comfortable service and the latest medical equipment.

In Israeli hospitals used modern technology for early detection of disease. Integrated use of alternative and conventional treatment methods, and application procedures, spa and thalassotherapy can achieve amazing health effects. However, the Dead Sea – is not only a treatment and prevention of a number of diseases. The ancient land of Israel are full of cultural and historical monuments, nature reserves and just incredibly beautiful places. Here you can in a short period of time to see most of the best known attractions. Seen the Promised Land is an event in the life of a traveler, because of the number of shrines, the great ancient monuments, mosques, temples, synagogues, there is no other country in the world. Today, the Israel hurry to hundreds of thousands of tourists and pilgrims from all over the world to witness the splendor of these lands.

The Results

While at applied over a thin layer (0.5 g of cream per 10 cm 2) pain were absent in 69% of patients and in 31% – was observed morbidity. Similar results were obtained in other groups. (Similarly see: Dr. John Mcdougall). Based on the results of clinical trials for the high level of anesthesia required amount of cream "Emla" should be 1-2 g per 10 cm2. Exposure. The effectiveness of anesthesia depends on the exposure. trator.

When applying enough cream "Emla" on intact skin under occlusion dermal anesthesia occurs within 60 minutes. In areas with damaged epidermal barrier (atopic dermatitis, etc.) enough for 15 minutes, the mucous membranes of reproductive organs – 5.10 min. Thus, when applying the cream "Emla" on intact skin for 30 minutes total anesthesia was observed in only 20% of patients after 1 hour – 78%, 2-3 hours – at 100% after 4 hours – 80%. Occlusion. Occlusive bandage "Tagederm", which is included in the package "Emla", prevents water evaporation from the skin and increases the absorption of active ingredients of cream "Emla".

Anesthesia of mucous membranes need not occluded. Zone application. In areas with thin skin penetration rate and higher absorption of the drug, thus exposure to achieve anesthesia will be less time-consuming. Thus, when applying the cream "Emla" on the eyelid skin anesthesia occurs within 30-40 min (applied with caution), on the face – after 1 hour, on skin, abdomen and back – after about 80-90 minutes. But when applied to damaged skin (atopic dermatitis) with impaired epidermal barrier removals above, so exposure should be reduced to 15-30 minutes.

Garlic Treatment

According to many people garlic – just a sharp spice, with a specific smell. In fact, things are very different. Garlic eaten for the prevention of such diseases as plague, cholera, typhoid, garlic is an antidote for many poisonings, regular intake of garlic significantly reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and tuberculosis. To broaden your perception, visit James A. Levine, M.D.. Traditional recipes use help with atherosclerosis, arthritis, bleeding, diabetes, influenza and prochee.Chesnok a very popular use for cosmetic purposes, ennobling and rejuvenates the skin. It is truly an amazing plant can help a person suffering from cancer, helps prevention of cancer. In addition, the garlic used inside the treatment of insomnia, hypertension, angina, gastrointestinal illness, sore throat. Compresses and rubbing significantly reduce pain rheumatism and gout, inflammation of the sciatic nerve.

Also, garlic is an anthelminthic, diuretic effect, removes the dark circles around the eyes. Topical garlic is used for hair removal and warts and corns with herpes and eczema, insect bites, snakes or rabid dogs. It is established that garlic strongly stimulates appetite, improves the digestive tract, improves cardiac performance, has vasodilator action. Prolonged treatment with garlic increases the human lifespan. Using fresh garlic for medicinal purposes, it is important to remember that the ultimate success or failure in the treatment of the disease depends largely on the method of application. Of course, you should not drip broth of garlic in the ears to treat otitis media: a few drops of garlic oil seem to be much more useful. One should not smoke a pipe stuffed with garlic to get rid of a toothache – cork from the crushed garlic and peanut butter is much better to soothe the pain until you get to your dentist. Some of these drugs are suitable only for slow applications (eg, warm garlic shmuty of intestinal colic and childhood constipation), and others – prepared by an alcohol-based, can be stored in a cool, dry, dark place for long enough.

Symptoms Treatments Treatment

According to recent studies of ten patients suffering from oncological dispensary eight breast cancer. It is sad, frightening diagnosis more often than before, affecting women and 30 years. First of all, it's genetic predisposition and hormonal imbalance in the body. Hormonal contraceptives may cause cancer, is it really so dangerous? In fact, modern contraceptives are safe enough, but in any oblivious to the fact that this is the strongest hormonal jolt to the body. In addition, young mothers artificially feeding their babies ceasing to breast conservation, fall into a risk group. In a woman's nature After the body is much harder to control the hormonal balance. Additional information at James A. Levine, M.D. supports this article. Panic if you learned that your grandmother suffered with breast cancer do not need the number of women suffering from breast cancer as a result of poor gynecologist. If from an early age you have been looking after their health, the 50% you have already secured themselves.

In the same way you can secure the diagnosis in Germany for the presence or absence of disease. Who does not like you can do know better, everything is in order. In order not to doubt the results of self-examination, go to reception to mammologist, he explains what to do, and most importantly – will know what should be a healthy breast. Do not be itself to put the terrible diagnosis. There are many types of benign tumors and diseases of the breast that does not degenerate into cancer.

The same breast are treated successfully, although it is considered a precancerous condition. lymph nodes. The final diagnosis will put you in the Oncology Center and just after you pass all required examinations: biopsy, computed tomography, ultrasound, x-rays, mammograms, and you pass all the tests. Primarily need to stay calm, now there are many very successful treatments: chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radiation therapy. But to compare them is difficult because they have well-defined indications and certain results, depending on the characteristics of tumors. Often there are situations where chemotherapy is ineffective and effective hormone therapy and vice versa. The obvious advantage is the rapid effects of chemotherapy. necessary treatment to make it more effective. It all depends on what part and what area is the tumor. Sometimes do without surgery, especially if it is for some reason fraught with great risk, and people continue to live. Treatment abroad involves the use of modern techniques. Thus, modern methods allow through a small incision to remove the lesion, axillary and lymph nodes drain the tissue, thus, the breast is normal, but reduced by approximately the same size. As with other techniques, the most effective at this time radiotherapy. This method is used, as main method of treatment in oncologic dispensary. Phytotherapy favors normalization of metabolism, cleanse the body, calms the nervous system. Once again, if the patient meets all the recommendations of the attending physician, the no harm will not be alternative medicine, as an auxiliary method, it is very useful. Completely different situation is with quackery, this is not serious and very harmful, often people, hoping for the healers run disease at all. Such unwarranted confidence can cost a person their life. The key to success in the timely assistance provided and your mood to fight the disease. And of course, if you have the opportunity to be tested and treatment abroad – in Germany, do not apply to take advantage of.


Signs of stress – cold hands, shortness of breath and palpitations, forgetfulness, anxiety, headaches, muscular tension. Credit: Dr. Peter M. Wayne-2011. Pay attention to your life. James A. Levine, M.D. shines more light on the discussion. Personal introspection helps keep balance your life. Excrete in your schedule some time for myself, for thinking of their existence, enjoy nature, or meditate. Think about who you are in life and who want to become, what goals set ourselves for tomorrow and for that thank today. Do not forget to relax. A good rest is useful for the body, mind and spirit. If you have too little rest – it can exacerbate stress and produce headaches.

Physicians are advised to rest at least 7-8 hours at night and find time to relax during the day. Stimulate your brain. Keep it in good shape – to train, read books, journals, go to cultural events, play board games with your family or friends. The more you exercises your brain – the longer it will last you. The philosophy of wellness. Donald Ardell, PhD, believes the philosophy of wellness, which includes a lot of the principles of good health. There are areas of life that must adjust to the style of life "wellness." These areas are responsible for yourself, exercise and fitness, nutrition, stress management, critical thinking, meaning and purpose of spiritual, emotional, thinking, humor, games, and effective relationships. The truth is that we see today in Ukraine and Russia (the other CIS countries, unfortunately, did not sign) as the doctors belong to us. Her God, terribly sick. In most cities of Ukraine already is considered bad form if you do not pay more for doctor's visit, and what was my surprise that to go to the hospital – should not only pay for drugs dropper, "grease the palm" to nurses and attendants, not to forget about you, but pay for a bed (as in hotel).

Spring Vigor

Come! Solar, ringing, welcome! Again led to believe the best, give a start, catch up and reach for the life-giving rays of her. Blink of happiness and relief to exhale: "wait!" In the spring, along with nature come to life and hope. In the spring you want to be vigorous, strong, handsome and fit. I want to smile and catch yourself admiring glances on. I would like tripping and shine in her eyes.

And to back straight and shoulders straightened. Learn more at: Tree of Life Tai Chi Center. AND vitality throughout the body. It would be desirable together with nature, cast off the winter torpor, and prettier bloom, enjoying the warmth and close the fly. Well, these desires are natural, because the spring – this time the upgrades. And we would blossom under the warm spring sunshine, if not notorious spring fatigue. After all, how much effort given to the fight against colds, infections, depression. And then there's spring beriberi … But do not lose heart.

There are many ways to help your body to meet the best time of year cheerfulness. I woke up – Pull! And better start with morning exercises, or rather with a morning stretching. The smooth, graceful movements help to shake off the remnants of sleep, strengthen muscles and activate the metabolism, joint flexibility and return will give energy. Waking up, stand in front of a mirror and lift your hands up. Right hand, grasp the left elbow and try to slowly stretch the whole body right. Feel the pleasant tension in the muscles. Then do the same thing, changing the hand position. Try to do the exercise safely, without stress. Now roll it back muscles. Slowly bend forward as much as possible below, his hands relaxed and dropped down. After that, slowly lean back, trying to bring together the shoulder blade. Arm muscles relaxed, his head thrown back (with back pain exercise is not recommended).