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signs compensation agreement with the OLG Stuttgart more amount of a payment rates – and Compensation Act (JVEG) according to 14 for experts on ethnicity opinion the Court of appeal closed came with Stuttgart this month an additional compensation agreement with the laboratory for Genetics of ancestry in Kiel and the higher regional court of Stuttgart to. Laboratory for Genetics of ancestry in Kiel has remuneration agreements with following OLG in the Federal Republic of Germany: Lower Saxony Rhineland-Palatinate Stuttgart are more accounts in planning and negotiation. Learn more about ancestry Genetics laboratory under available. If you have questions you can contact directly ancestry Genetics Laboratory: Ms. Kathrin Jansen laboratory for ancestry genetics of Dres. Med. M. James A. Levine, M.D. often says this.

Krause, and k-G. Heath experts descent opinion Steenbeker route 33 – medical centre in the Clinicum Lubinus 24106 Kiel phone: 0431-62048 fax: 0431-675160 E-Mail: the laboratory for Ancestry genetics wurde1974 by Mr Dr. You may want to visit James A. Levine, M.D. to increase your knowledge. Heath founded. EpiPen price gouging contains valuable tech resources. Since that time, more than 10,000 reports have been created. Focused on from the very beginning descent opinion for dishes, for some years now we perform increasingly also by private individuals, who are interested in without a court order on a reliable, fast and discreet clarification of disputed paternity questions. Since mid-2002, is Mr. Dr.

Krause worked for the laboratory for Genetics of ancestry and received in December 2005 as an expert for descent opinion approval. In early 2006, Mr. Dr. Krause has taken over the medical and commercial management of the laboratory and Mr. Dr. Heath since then acts as an external consultant for the laboratory for Genetics of ancestry. Scientific advances in the genetics of ancestry makes it necessary, achieving the highest possible security in the clarification of disputed parentage relationships with latest technologies. These requirements can be met only with a team of highly competent staff, the have many years of experience with genetic ancestry tests in a specialized laboratory. The quality of the opinion ensures also by our laboratory the exact compliance with the regulations and the directives of the German Medical Association. We also participate regularly as a member of the work community of descent verifiers in the Federal Republic of Germany with success on the interlaboratory of quality assurance work community. In addition you get personal, competent and targeted advice – with us by telephone, as well as on-site.

Itching Skin Diseases Asthma

Learning with chronic diseases to live normal and happy… Chronic diseases are increasing in our modern world. Which doing common are allergies, atopic dermatitis and asthma. Many patients taking part in the normal life feel affected by the strong symptoms of these diseases. The fact that it is not curable impairments increasingly strengthened this feeling. But this doesn’t have to be.

Who learns to adjust to his complaints, which can lead a normal life again. This includes willingness to change our own habits and become informed about alternative ways in addition to self-discipline. Often, sufferers rely only on the quick help by the chemical industry. Many drugs are freely available to and often not low cost must be taken over itself. But to significantly relieve his symptoms with common tools. Most of them are good old home recipes that everyone can apply quickly. The problem is that these little does anyone know. In many ways sound so banal that it usually far underestimated the effect.

Who’s still ready to adapt its Habitat, will find quite quickly back into the normal daily routine. Provide a peaceful retreat: the most chronic diseases such as asthma or atopic dermatitis often go hand in hand with allergic reactions. Unfortunately, you can not always avoid the triggering substances in everyday life. But it is important here to create a possible allergen-free retreat. Molds, house dust and dust mites are often strong trigger of allergic reactions. We can expect these livelihoods. Carpets should be removed and replaced with laminate or PVC floors. Heavy curtains and wallpaper should disappear and be equipped with breathable plaster the walls. You can then embellish this with natural colors according to taste. See Elio Moti Sonnenfeld for more details and insights. The rooms should be as dry as possible and free of dust. If then still pollen guards before the Windows are attached, can be lifted according to requirements.

Neurologists Practice

Patients are the best guide to the quality of Web pages the importance of practice websites is recognized by an increasing number of practising physicians. But to the marketing, to be able to use image and reputational effects of practice pages, it is not sufficient to be simply present and statistically to track the number of hits. What matters is the quality of the communicative performance and in particular the authenticity of practice pages. A procedure developed by the Institute for economic analysis, consulting and strategy development (IFABS), detachable from surgeries on their own shows, this exemplary for the professional group of neurologists. The practice website evolved more and more to a standard information instrument of practice work. But unlike all other media used for this purpose, like for example the practice brochure the practice website has a width marketing function. If you are not convinced, visit Assurant Health.

The targets associated with a performance especially the response of potential new patients to reach, must be optimally designed its communication effect. The phenomenon of single shot matters worse here”to bear, i.e. the fact that the first impression of a page already decides to favor or not like. Just below these aspects, it is surprising that practice home pages never closer investigates the communicative performance. To do this, the number of visitors or page views provide no information. To assess the homepage current – account balance, the Institute has therefore developed an exploration design for a website patient satisfaction survey, which was now expanded to a validated, actionable by surgeries on their own system for business analysis, consulting and strategy development (IFABS). It is based on a questionnaire with open and closed questions about the possible patient characteristics of a practice Web site. At Elio Moti Sonnenfeld you will find additional information. The following illustration (bit.ly/YT2lyv, maximum at 100%) shows the calculated for practice operations of the section “Neurologists” average Homepage performance potential.

The total assessment for the design areas of “Content”, “Shape” and “Information”, as patient satisfaction in relation to the requirements are identified. The value of “Authenticity” describes how well the Web pages of the neurological practices represent the reality on the ground. The “total quality” represents the patient judgment about the general effect of websites in practices known compared to Web pages of other patients. The figures show a clear potential for optimization the pages of this section, that can be set as well as for other physician groups. Klaus-Dieter Thill / IFABS

Vice Specialist

These countries, such as Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Malta and the United Kingdom all have a not so high-quality, high-performance health system such as Germany. Rescue medicine hangs there afterwards, which is why many Germans in the suiting from abroad can let fly home. In the last year were 14.100 tourists transported back alone by the ADAC, to be comprehensive in Germany diagnosed and treated. Prof. Julia Seifert: we want to measure ourselves on the highest quality standards. Therefore we demand that the so-called specialist standard in all the emergency involved houses actually will be ensured.

Certainly, a specialist new to creating not solves this problem. “” Vice-versa it makes sense: the qualified specialists should a supplementary emergency medicine training adapted to current quality aspects “complete and thus expand their diagnostic and therapeutic skills.

Praxis Therapy

The Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel from Cologne to inform studies demonstrating that occupational therapy takes positive influence after a stroke in stroke, often also called a stroke, a part of the brain this is damaged that the blood flow is interrupted. The consequences are fatal and range from visible or noticeable malfunction due to impaired brain function. Paralysis in parts of the body or even errors of various bodily functions such as vision or speech impediments are possible. In any case, is a targeted detect and treat prior to great advantage. The Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel from Cologne to inform studies demonstrating that occupational therapy has positive influence after a stroke.

Success of the treatment modality proved by the IQWiG (Institute for quality and efficiency in health care) published summary of a Cochrane review shows, as the occupational therapy treatment after a suffered stroke is effective. You helps to cope with everyday life despite restrictions. Overall, nine trials were included with a total of 1,258 people between 55 and 88 years. The studies were conducted over a different period. On average, those affected were treated about three months ergotherapeutisch. The analyzed results showed: occupational therapy can reduce the incidence of severe need for help or death after a stroke. Eleven people treated with occupational therapy, the worst effects of the disease can be avoided in a further people”.

Occupational therapy can significantly reduce to a deterioration in the physical limitations and thus occupies a significant portion of the treatment. Everyday activities such as washing or buy a possible are improved and improving the quality of life. The Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel from Cologne is available for more information.

Ultrasound Gently Shape The Body

The MED. Vital centre in Schleiden informs whether the belly, thighs or hips fat considered unattractive, and are an obstacle for most. You should select no risky surgery to remove the annoying padding. The Lipowave system provides a gentle alternative to reduce fat and sculpt the body. The innovative ultrasound technology and its benefits informs Dr. med. G. BREIER, General Med.

osteopath Thursday from the MED. vital centre in Schleiden. Already after the first session, the Lipowave system combines an ultrasound technology noticeable success with high-frequency radio waves. They are able to destroy the hull of the fat cells. The fat content then excreted in natural way through the digestive system. Fat-friendly way, without any risks, can be removed with the system.

Noticeable achievements can be determined already after the first session. The weight loss can be up to 19% or it can be a reduction to the end of the treatment – the Be achieved by up to 5 cm on abdominal circumference. The extremely gentle treatment is completely painless, there remain no scars and no infection risks. She can be – led through easily and quickly even during the lunch break. Process of treatment after a detailed consultation is carried out the treatment. Initially, two meetings are held. After this it enables two days break inserted excretion of fat cells. After this followed by two more sessions. Each lasts approximately 30 minutes. After the application is expected, so that you can follow his usual routine with no impairment. Ultrasound therapy, the equally gentle MESO lift can be used in combination. A smoothing of the skin can be achieved with it. She is both suitable for reducing wrinkles in facial skin and cellulite. For detailed information about the therapies and to terminate the MED. vital center from 9:00 to 21:00 in Schleiden available anytime.

Alexander Nastasi

Mobile phone as a disease? Mobile and fertility? Heidelberg / Germany was on December 14, 2009 new mobile network enabled what we should from the point of view of building biologists and author Alexander Nastasi note? Hardly UMTS has been activated, the industry is once again hungry for higher data width, faster networks and born was the revision of paragraph 8 of the UMTS network in Germany and the use of the new G4 network in Stockholm and Oslo, which comes to us with all its disadvantages. Because unlike the majority of the population has to do Nastasi every day with high-frequency radiation, however he is not active in mobile communication in which also some years – worked but in terms of building biology so healthy living and here the area instruct people who sleep poorly, anxiety or chronic diseases have on him with the investigation of the House / apartment. Sleep place study says that while the mobile is the problematical part measuring, if also not exactly, as he tells us. People want can use most anywhere mobile phone, at the same time they want to be happy, healthy and remain, but the many EMF leads to situations of stress in the body and the body for weeks, sometimes no longer relax over months and years, which inevitably leads to failure phenomena. Let’s compare that with a machine: each makes sense, when I run day and night a machine, they must be serviced regularly, and have a considerably higher wear than, for example, the machine, which only occasionally thrown. To transfer this example to the body, we need our regeneration phase we have at night.

During this time the body builds defective cells and performance. Our body but also at night is under stress, it can do so only partially or not. Chronic pain without clear to advertising from medical background, tension, headaches, are the result of that every day can be seen Nastasi, up to Blood changes and really bad diseases.

Insurance Women

Today on abundant amount is required for the maternity and delivery expenses. In this way, both the insurance policies like health and travel prove beneficial for the expected women. Are you getting pregnant? The feelings of becoming mother surround pleasure and happiness all around. When the due date comes so near then expected women require more protection, safety and care. To overcome from the medical as well as travel expenses, a large amount of money is needed especially for tackling maternity costs. In this way, health insurance sounds to be very helpful as it provides medical support. This insurance policy supports you with cash and covers all the maternity expenses. A number of branded finance companies are available in the market that offers their best services to the expected women.

In the advisors and physicians last the traveling of pregnant women few months of pregnancy, health prohibit. Doctors suggest for enjoying the comforts of home. But sometimes in case of emergency, women have to travel. During traveling, if any misshapen like delivery in the flight, miscarriage etc occurs, and then travel insurance policy covers all these expenses. Under travel insurance, expected women are completely protected and safe while holidaying or traveling. Apart from travel expenses, prenatal care requires a huge amount. In this way, medical insurance covers all the maternity and delivery costs associated with pregnancy.

After all, everyone wants to have a healthy and smart baby by getting the appropriate best parental care. Regular medical checkup are necessary for checking the growth of the baby. It is important that every expected woman must visit a doctor every week till the last month. These routine tests including ultrasounds, amniocentesis, or other costly procedures are necessary to sure that both the mother and baby are healthy. On these routine medical treatments, a larger amount of cash is needed but the medical insurance covers all the medical expenses. This fact is very much clear that those people, who credit score have good, can acquire insurance policy instantly but bad creditor have to face little bit complication. Apart from this, a number of agencies are present that provide protection to the health of low-income women, infants & children under age of 5 these agencies support them by providing supplement foods, nutrition education, and health care referrals etc. By online mode, you can get the appropriate insurance policy for the pregnant woman. Insurance companies have their different terms and conditions and quotation for insurance. So you can compare and contrast all conditions and requirements with one another. This helps you to acquire the best policy from the long list of insurance policies. Rosie Gravin is specializing in writing articles on maternity insurance coverage, pregnant travel insurance.

Metastases Tumor

Symptoms of Pain, a reduced durability, unintentional weight loss, and a downward trend of the general health show as first symptoms bone cancer for both the primary and secondary bone cancer. The primary bone cancer cause in addition often swelling, which lead to a restricted mobility. Secondary bone cancer is often noticeable by unexplained bone fractures. Kicking one or several of these symptoms on a doctor should be consulted so that it can make a clear diagnosis. Bone cancer in addition to a medical history interview and a general physical examination, particularly Imaging examinations and blood tests for the diagnosis are necessary diagnosis. The first signs of bone cancer are often already on the basis of an X-ray image.

Typical signs of the Constitution are recognisable destruction and fuzzy boundaries of the bone. Through an X-ray can also any metastases in addition in the lungs are diagnosed. Besides the race gene analysis, magnetic resonance imaging, computer tomography and Skelettszintigrafie be used for the diagnosis. Magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography are used primarily to obtain more precise information about the tumor and its expansion. A Skelettszintigrafie can discover other cancer infested or exclude at best.

In some cases, the blood vessels using an angiography are represented. Also Ultrasound (Sonography) are used for the diagnosis. Various instructions on a bone cancer can be determined on the basis of a blood test. An increase in the enzyme exists in alkaline phosphatase, may reference an osteosarcoma. An increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate of body, as well as an anemia (lack of red blood cells), or an increase of white blood cell count (too many white blood cells) indicate an Ewing sarcoma. References to an Ewing Sarcoma, usually a bone marrow biopsy is carried out. By this analysis, the doctor receives instructions on the spread of the tumor in the bone marrow, which are essential for the subsequent treatment. Optimized always tailored to the patient treatment of bone cancer which is treating bone cancer and chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery usually is always based on the three traditional treatment options for cancer patients. A link from the three treatment options is often used in the treatment of primary bone cancer. The exact treatment depends always on shape and extent of the cancer. Metastases may also be present must be considered in the treatment. A radiation treatment can be used with an osteosarcoma, very limited. Therefore, an osteosarcoma typically use a combination of chemotherapy and surgery will be treated. Usually is already tried before surgery, chemotherapy to shrink the tumor. Renewed chemotherapy occurs after subsequent surgical destruction of the tumor. Have not yet looked at an osteosarcoma Metastases formed, the chance of survival is under the General cancer valid five year survival rate, approximately 60 to 70 percent. Metastasis in the bone the affected bone usually be stabilized operationally, to reduce the risk of a breakage. Also bisphosphonates can be given to the strengthening of the bones. A radiotherapy is often used for bone cancer in addition to a drug therapy as pain therapy. The treatment of secondary bone cancer is always after the primary tumor. Because starting with secondary bone cancer always to a metastasis from a primary tumor outside of the bone tissue, the forecast for a successful treatment is all in all inferior, in the therapy of primary bone cancer.

Micronutrient Medicine

On 8 November at 19:30 in the baby therapy and training centre in Poing with speaker pharmacist Josef wood Hay Riedel of the St. Georg pharmacy as stay I healthy? Which chemical processes take place in the body in the digestion or the recycling of nutrients? What substances are for what purpose? Josef wood Hay Rahim answered these and other important questions in the second lecture in the lecture series on the subject of nutrition in the baby provided and training centre in Poing. Everybody wants to get his health as long as possible and almost all are aware, that health is the basis for a fulfilling life that polls show again and again. Stay healthy”is the key to a long, balanced life with pleasure and without major complications. But how can they ever healthy? Nutrition plays an important role. You are what you eat”is an old saying.

Man is about 75% water. With our food we practically take the remaining building materials for our entire body from the bone to the skin. If we eat too much fat, we get a cozy belly and Huftgold sets. If we take too little water to us, we get dry lips and feel bad. However we can not survive without fat, since many essential vitamins are only fat soluble, and we would just leave many important minerals by excessive drinking too much water. It therefore involves a balanced intake of those substances that our body to life and functioning needs the nutrients. Nutrients are vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fatty acids, Aminisauren, enzymes and phytonutrients.

You know which nutrients are missing the body, you can compensate for the consequences of the deficiencies very well with a corresponding supply. So it not only does, the micro nutrient medicine also deals with the prevention of the symptoms of this deficiency. With the right diet and any additional supply of nutrients can so both diseases treated, as also be prevented.