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Hand Made Gifts

Not so long ago, I shall need, how to focus in this world. Who could say that I begin to understand people who give gifts made by their rukami.Vrode would trifle, apriyatno! After you bud a bit of a pass, part of the souls. But beauty has not been canceled! Gifts to delight the eye, and not to drive the paint master incomprehensible gift. A myriad of events, and therefore presents not a few Reflecting on the idea of the future gift, we put forward Requirement: stylish, unusual, original. What could it be? In fact, a surprising number of options, but I want to tell you the only one – products made from salted dough, it's cheap and cheerful. Savings because will never be superfluous. I want to warn people who think that this is child's play.

Pastry begins with beads and end with enormous works – masterpieces. The recipe is very simple test: 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 180 gr. water. All this naturally blended until smooth. To modeling carried joy, not anguish, it is necessary that the dough stuck.

If this happens, then there is a solution. You just need to add is not a lot of flour and all get better! Continue to fight hard time throwing – Creative (all the same we create a masterpiece). Mold can be many things: funny figures, topical panels, vases for flowers, etc. The selection may help itself a celebration, spodvigshy you are the creative torment. To give the gift of expression, you can use an invoice, then get help from old cloth, stale without cause. Taking laskutok, and pushing it to the test, we betray the creation of realism. As Needless to forget about the grid, they can also come in handy. Vobschem at this stage give free rein to their imagination. After molding, the product must be burned. Special and expensive presposobleny we do not need. To fit any oven roasting. Main – not support high temperature (120 – 150 deg.) The oven dough should be located 1,5 – 2 hours. The next stage of paint and varnish. There's nothing complicated, though once again have to set free his imagination. Paint must be premenyat gouache. Now, it's the end of our creation, the masterpiece is ready. I hope you enjoy the product, because you have invested in his soul!


Buying your first spinning, people tend to know nothing about fishing, about the difference gear and relies entirely on the seller. In-store eyes run from an abundance of companies and models. It would seem that the stick and the stick! But all of spinning There are certain parameters, given that you can pick up "the stick" on his hand. First and foremost pay attention to the test. It is light, medium and heavy. Look at the rod : Lightweight – up to 15 grams. Allows you to cast almost weightless rigging, wiring and feel the slightest touch the fish. Medium – up to 40 grams.

Sufficiently versatile and best suited for the novice fisherman, who does not know who and what will catch. But it will probably the most common fish species in our band. Severe – more than 40 grams. "Stick" to hunt for big fish. Freely to cope with heavy spoon, but if you try to fasten something easier – far cast will not work and you immediately lose control of the tackle. With the test found now define the system. He, too, is of three types: fast, medium and slow.

Quick – bend just the tip of the rod. This system allows us to make long-range casting and cope with big fish. Medium – to bend in half. Allows you to feel and control bait. The best for beginners. Slow – all bent in an arc and gives a lot of emotions on a fishing trip. Suitable for fishing small baits class "Light". Choice for long. The longer spinning – the farther the throw, but the harder to cope with it. If you're going to catch on forest rivers, long "stick" you do not need it. It will only cling to the bushes. Take a spinning 2 – 2,5 meters. That you have enough to send the bait at 70 am Now we need to determine how much spinning sensitive to bites, this not necessarily run on water. Grasp the handle with one hand and the other slightly-click on the rod (or ask your neighbor). You should feel the shock, vibration – then it spinning for us. Also, when choosing Rods do not forget to inspect it for mechanical damage. All the crossing of the ring should be smooth without chipping. The coating is not cracked and smooth. Mechanism for fixing the coil must continuously twist to end, without effort. Connection knees should not hlyabat. Otherwise, then you may have many problems and when trying to return the goods you be accused of misuse. More attention should be paid to the case. If the product is a subtle case in which the tribe are fighting each other, get more dense, always with two sections. If you buy a spinning rod as a gift, take the one that most beautiful and shiny polished handle!