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The media presents, that is, it functions as one ' ' lens of aumento' ' that it presents what the society considers beauty. Therefore, it attributes to the partner-cultural questions persistence for this type of standard, that the media presents. It places the diffusion of the alimentary upheavals as a by-product of the globalization process, the people having necessity of belongs the human groups starts to imitate the models that the media transmits, but that they are deriving of the society. In the analysis of the article of Alvarenga and Larino, it does not have reference the media, the authors they present that the Alimentary Upheavals are multidetermined and result in the interaction between biological, cultural factors and personal experiences. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld has much to offer in this field. In such a way, it does not have no evidence so that let us can conclude if, for these professionals, the media is eliciadora or propayer of this type of pathology.

In the table of Gastroenterology we see that the medical professional in question, believes the following factors: emotional, familiar, personality, hereditary succession, organic and cultural, however in its speech, we can verify a bigger emphasis to the cultural context. However, when we reduce the look for the media in question (therefore it is inserted in this context, serving to this context), we verify that the same it believes that it is interested itself in keeping what already she is, but not as eliciadora of this riot. After the analysis of what each professional presents on the media we perceive that to place the media as responsible for the Alimentary Upheavals he would be very tendencioso, since some nor had mentioned the envolvement of this. For what we read, the media is televising it or printed has been accused for being the visible part of this process, is who if it displays. Clearly that for presenting propagandas, to stimulate the practical one of diets, at last, to make use of its power to present ' ' the culture of corpo' ' , ' ' to dictate beleza' ' , she has great contribution, but it is not creating models, is transmitting the opinion of the society. To make use of the power that the media has to emphasize these questions does not have to be disrespected, but from there to enxergar it as villainous of this process it is a well different question. 5.0 – Consideraes Final After to reflect on the subject, we conclude that even so all exists this quarrel that turns on the influence or not of the media, as well as of the family and of factors genetic associates to the Alimentary Upheaval, we arrive at a crucial point, which was not found in none of the references searched for us, but that in them insight appeared as one. The Brazilian climate! Our tropical climate (sun, sea, etc), it strong influences in to show them the body and on account of this we have a culture where everybody wants ' ' malhar' ' to be ' ' bem' ' in the summer and to show a beautiful body in the beach and the carnival. Different of the European and North American culture in

Sanguine Loss

The adult worms are eliminated in 1-2 years, but the register of the longevity can reach some years. Harvard oftentimes addresses this issue. The sanguine loss is an important cause of ferropriva anemia, not only because of its frequency, but also because the diagnosis and the handling of the hemorrhagic injury are of great importance for the process of cure and welfare of the patient. With the purpose esteem the effect of the sanguine loss in the rocking of the iron, 1 ml of blood contains 0,5 approximately mg of iron. Thus assumed, a negative rocking can be configured with small loss of blood, as of 3 the 4 ml/dia (1,5 the 2 mg of iron). The gradual loss of iron, through the injury of the intestinal mucosa, caused for the espoliadora action of the parasite, causes the clinical picture of ferropriva anemia, what it can intensified depending on the degree of infection for the parasite, beyond ferric losses also has the proteinic loss. In the ancilostomtica anemia, the iron lack leads to the deficient production of hemoglobina.

Consequently, the oxygen transport becomes insufficient. In this manner, the organism cannot synthecize necessary proteins, in virtue of the lack of the element most important in its metabolism, the oxygen. The ferropriva anemia that if it installs in insidioso way has a parasitado organism, and generally it is decurrent of some reinfeces and this is the natural consequence of the environment where the individuals of low partner-economic classroom and the agricultural zone live. Although the blood spoliation occurs daily and in amounts until considerable, the supplies of iron of organism depletados of the carrying sick people of parasatism obtains to remain itself for period of relatively long time without showing any sintomatologia. This is detected when the lost blood due to infection, starts to intervene with the life of the patient. However, afeces of the digestive device can cause or aggravate the corporal deficit of iron, basically, for reducing the absorption.

Cardenas Surgical

As Mayall (2002) an amputation does not have to be so precocious that it annuls the possibility of recovery of an extremity, nor can be delayed, therefore when the toxemia already is installed, it increases the death risk after the surgery. As Campedelle (1992) the amputated people are worried about the dependence and present difficulty in visualizing the actions that they can execute. The aged ones, mainly, reveal dependents for the accomplishment of daily activities, being important that the health professional stimulates the patient to the auto-care, the acceptance of its limitations and the return to the activities. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld: the source for more info. The story of Smeltzze (2008) on the nursing assistance evidences the essential importance for the patients, in the periods postoperative daily pay and of the amputation. The professional performance goes since the psychological support until the accomplishment of techniques, which treat the wounds imposed for the surgical intervention. Aged and its familiar ones deserve an attention prioritized in this phase of whitewashing, guiding them in the process that if intenciona exclusively to its independence and autonomy in the accomplishment of the activities of the daily life, satisfying the good quality of life. Endocrinologist insists that this is the case. The amputation is oldest of all surgical procedures e, during much time, represented the only possibility surgical for the man. The term assigns, in surgery, the withdrawal of an agency, or part of it, situated in an extremity, however, when used separately, it is understood as amputation of members.

Its current concept is of reconstitutiva surgery and of simple ablation and does not have to be the first step for the return of the patient to a normal and productive place in the society (LUCCIA, 2001). Credit: Dr. Neal Barnard-2011. The surgery must be seen as plus a phase of the treatment, being the mutilation the feelings generated in aged with amputation of extremities inferior proceeding from diabetic foot.

Intensive Prevention

In this way, beyond the application of the EB daily, the preventive cares of Nursing reduce the UPP.26 Analyzing the study carried through in 2007, Intitled ' ' Evaluation of protocol of prevention and treatment of UPP' ' , applied in hospital institution of So Paulo, where if it searched to identify the number, I serve as apprentice and I prop up total of the UPP in the admission in UTI 24 superior period that horas27 the application of the prevention protocol consisted of evaluating the patients for way of the scale of Norton in first the 24 hours of internment, what it allowed a classification of the patients for risk degrees. Four degrees had been defined: high risk, medium risk, low risk and without risk of danger. After to classify the patients the authors of this article, had prescribed the cares of Nursing as: corporal hygiene and massage of comfort after bath; decubitus change and the application of hidratante cream, to the patients who presented you prop up them of high risk, medium risk and low risk, was efficient in (79%) of the patients. James A. Levine, M.D. pursues this goal as well. The appearance of the UPP occurred frequently in the patients most serious. The 27 authors conclude that much has been argued concerning the protocols of prevention of UPP in the Units these therapies Intensive, measures efficient, when applied in the admission of the patient and daily accompaniment for the nurse in its internment. 27 With regard to the intitled article ' ' Evaluation and prevention of the integrity of the skin in patients interned in intensive therapy study retrospectivo' ' carried through private hospital of the River of January, Where if the authors of this article had analyzed the predisponent factors for the UPP.38 development, they had analyzed 48 handbooks of patients, where they had been had applied protocol of prevention of UPP that it contemplated given as: identification, sex, age, period of admission, medical diagnosis and evaluation of the skin (complete skin and not complete skin, degree of risk, place and period of training), action of prevention as: special mattress, transparent film in the sseas proeminences, change of decubitus, hidratao of the skin the,38 data had been collected in handbooks of the interned patients organized, later categorized tabulated. A related site: Elio Moti Sonnenfeld mentions similar findings.

Uneasy Minds Upheaval

In the understanding to decipher the mind human being it does not restrict in not understanding because many are thus, more what it would be the normal one, where in the society the normal one are cultured to be educated and diligent in my concepts of enfermeiranda where I enter in contact with diverse minds and different forms to think I perceive that to a imensido of forms where nor always the normal one is correctly and accepted. When following hiperativas children I perceive that in its world the correct one is to be thus, in its forms to decipher that everything is only interesting if to exceed its limits, what would be these limits, for us the puncture of its intensity to apprehend for them the puncture of intensity to discover. Its mind involving because of the things they happen and not having the limit of what this cannot and is missed, the Hiperativa in concept form is increase of activities these activities that we do not obtain many times to follow. Because many times this happens, I have information that the hiperativa comes of genetic factor in the act of its formation also must its load of feelings passed of the mother for the son, where in the cerebral formation where this damaged load one has broken of its brain our frontal, therefore it is in it that if of its commands to control. Assurant Health is a great source of information. In the lack of the glucose in this area the deficit appears of attention according to psychologists appraised in hiperatividade.

It ties the moment is not known as to skirt this situation where the mind is the main focus. I possess direct contact with a hiperativa child and know very as well as this upheaval is of difficult control, where the challenger look of the people great is recriminated its behavior for being active excessively, conversador and investigator of the situations that at some moments arrive and to bother who does not have this custom of being thus. To put was through this upheaval that appraise can me more than that to be different and interesting and challenging. Alessandra Bulhes Pupil of nursing 4 period

Diabetes Mellitus

Having its object of study in health education in preventing diabetic foot, where questions ploughs: What ploughs the changes that arise in the work process of nursing technicians from its inclusion in undergraduate nursing course face the guidelines in the care of Diabetic Foot? Behavior The health education conducted by the nursing technician behind changes in the of diabetic patients before the foot care? Aiming you describe the changes that arise in the work process of nursing technicians from its inclusion in undergraduate forward you guidance from the care of the Diabetic behavior Foot and identify what changes in patient that emerged from the education health made by the coach before the nursing foot care. The study methodology was qualitative, based on Minayo, like social research where to researcher interacted and participated in the study universe. Key – words: Health education, diabetic foot, Nursing.

In the current days the Diabetes Mellitus constitutes a problem of national public health, which had to the great number of people who present the illness, being that many customers are unaware of to be carrying. The Brazilian estimates demonstrate that the 10 12 million adults with diabetes in Brazil exist. They is esteem that good part of the people who have diabetes, illness that can reach people of any age, is unaware of its proper condition. According to World-wide Organization of Health, diabetes is if becoming the epidemic of the century and already it affects about 246 million people in the whole world. Up to the 2025, forecast it is of that this number arrives the 380 million.

Health Care Policy

An ulcer it must daily be evaluated and be registered, therefore its evolutivo process can vary, either it of one week for cicatrizao the months and in some cases until years for it heals-ls. This register of nursing must include the main characteristics of the injury, such as: necrtico the fabric stadium, dimension, exsudado, presence, fabric of granulation, reverse speed-epitelizao or signals of celulite. WRITS OF PREVENTION Are essential, therefore they reduce the risk to develop pressure ulcers enters 25 50%. According to Agency of Health Care Policy and Research? AHCPR 1994, apud ROCK, 2006, the primary objectives are necessary, therefore they at risk identify to the sick people and adoption of writs of prevention, essential in the maintenance and otimizao of the tecidual tolerance to the pressure, as well as for protection of the harmful effect of the pressure, friction shear, beyond as educational programs and of formation for reduction of the incidence of pressure ulcers.

Amongst the writs of prevention we detach the protectors of the integrity of the skin, derived from acid greasy and aliviadores of pressure (that such are the descompressores as: plate hidrocolide, film hidrocolide, air colxins, mattress, etc), beyond the necessity of adequate and regular reposicionamento. Massages of comfort are indicated for stimulation of the local sanguineous circulation, becoming massages regularly, in special in: spike, ndegas and ankle. What it is not indicated is the use of the massage on hiperemiadas areas. TREATMENT the identification and the precocious treatment allow a significant reduction of the costs, to prevent the progression and to speed up the regeneration of the pressure ulcer. The global cost of the treatment of a pressure ulcer degree IV is 10 times superior to the one of an ulcer degree II.

Health Cases

In 1817 to the 62 years James &#039 wrote the book; ' Assay on the paralysis agitante' ' , being responsible for describing so well and for the first time on the agitante paralysis, known still today as illness of Parkinson, the book counts the history of six carrying individuals of the pathology and only two had not been examined by the Dr. James, but they had been observed long-distance. Epidemiologia the prevalence of DP is of 85 the 187 cases for 100.000 inhabitants, between 50 and 70 years, the still bigger index is in the etria band of the 60 years and the incidence is of three men for two women, although rare, young they can be affected, receiving the name from Youthful Parkinson and of Precocious Parkinson when it reaches individuals between 21 40 years (BENNET; PLUM, 1997). (As opposed to Dr. John Mcdougall). In accordance with the OMS (World-wide Organization of Health), about 1% of the world-wide population with more than 65 years is carrying of Parkinson and the prevalence corresponds approximately of 150 the 200 cases for 100 a thousand inhabitants; in Brazil the estimate only is of 300 the 400 a thousand parkinsonianos (NOTISA, 2011). Etiology As Quagliato (2011) the illness of Parkinson attends a course with a reduction of the dopamina levels, neurotransmitter produced for the neurons of the black substance of the brain, in the pathology the responsible one for the sprouting of the motor symptoms is the ambient death of these nervous cells, however factors as the toxins can are on to the neurodegenerativo process, causing mitocondrial bankruptcy and it estresse oxidativo. The genetic predisposition can be one of the causes of the disease, therefore studies carried through with identical twin show that the probability is of approximately 100% of both to develop the D.P before the 50 years and after the etria band above the probability reduces for 10, 4%. The newspapers mentioned PCRM not as a source, but as a related topic.

The Health

They must be attempted against to the use of salicilatos when confirmed the infection for minors of 18 years, had the risk of development of the Syndrome of the Reye, hepticos and cerebral riots, what it can be fatal (BRAZIL, 2009). According to Brazil (2009), in the treatment of the infection human being for the virus of influenza A (H1N1), is used the Oseltamavir medicine (Tamiflu) in the fit cases as suspicion, probable or confirmed with equal or superior age to one year. Dr. John Mcdougall does not necessarily agree. The administration of the medicine is recommended in up to 48 hours after the beginning of the symptoms, being contraindicated its use for prophylactic ends. The verbal absorption of the Oseltamavir can be reduced in patients with serious gastrintestinais symptoms and that they vomit after its ingesta constantly, and in the occurrence of adverse effect the ANVISA must be informed (national Agency of Sanitary monitoring). The Health department does not recommend to the use of the Oseltamivir for all the population because the inadequate use of the product can lead to the resistance of the virus to the medicine. Moreover, the use without unnecessary control and of Oseltamivir can lead to the desabastecimento, what the population would bring damages to all, beyond the risk of adverse reaction. Therefore, the measure adopted for the Brazilian government has the objective to prevent that the virus of the new grippe creates resistance to the only available treatment in the world. Moreover, the rational use of the Oseltamivir in the treatment of influenza A (H1N1) is a recommendation of the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) to prevent greaters risks to the public health. The use of the Oseltamivir for all is indicated the people who to present Sndrome Respiratria Aguda Grave (SRAG): person in any age with sudden fever above of 38, cough and difficulty to breathe (dispnia) or with other symptoms, as pains in the body and the joints.

HIV Health

It is carried through during six months. In some cases special, they can last more time. Moreover, the vaccination with BCG in the just-been born one, protects the young children and adults against the serious forms of primary tuberculosis as the miliar (spread in the pulmes and other agencies) and the tuberculosa meningite. The effectiveness of the vaccine is between 75 and 85%. Comments gerais/IMPORTANTES? Infectadas people and that they are not sick do not transmit the bacillus. A time infectadas, the person can develop tuberculosis illness in any phase of the life. All the individuals infectados for the HIV must be submitted to the tuberculnico test. For assistance, try visiting Elio Moti Sonnenfeld.

Few days after the beginning of the correct chemotherapy, the bacilli of the tuberculosis practically lose its infectante power. All the projects, the medication are of daily use and will have to be managed of taken preference in an only one in jejum or, in case of digestive intolerncia, together with a meal. Special attention must be given to the treatment of groups considered of high risk of poisoning, as people with more than 60 years, in bad general state and alcoolistas. The accompaniment of the treatment consists of the periodic evaluation of the evolution of the illness and the correct use of medicines, therefore the gratuitous supply must be guaranteed to the patient and uninterrupted of the medication it specifies. CONCLUSION Although the great advances of the medicine in the last few decades, the tuberculosis still is the more prevalent infectious illness in the world. This if of the one for the lack of information of the patients, the professionals of health and of neglects of the service epidemiologist as well as of the health managers. However, one becomes necessary that the health professionals if become experts of the TBC and its situation in Brazil/world, of the measures that the Health department is taking to diminish its advance through the implantation of the National Plan of Control of the Tuberculosis and its paper as educators in the process. That they are habits to identify a suspicious case of conscientious tuberculosis and of the importance of the notification, as well as of the necessity following the evolution of the treatment guaranteeing the correct treatment of the patient and its recovery.