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Mother Nature

Today, we often pay special attention to the food that brings us to Mother Nature. And truly – all without exception the development of medicine in general will be reduced to such that, initially, produced by nature. For example, currently there are a large number of mineral collections from various manufacturers that are intended in order to normalize the state of health, improve the immune system and so on. And while neither one of such mineral compounds can not even compare with the natural healing element, which we initially must bee. After proper honey, and it basically proved even traditional medical science, not just helps in diseases, but also for a sustained inward in small doses is an excellent firming and drugs. Endocrinologist has plenty of information regarding this issue. In essence, this is exactly the same fabled elixir of life on the invention which is so long and hard at work chemists.

Our ancestors were engaged in beekeeping since ancient times. And, of course, have seen how valuable the product is honey. He saved and a slight cold, and severe illness and death from starvation person the strength to keep medium-sized spoonful of therapeutic substances. At present, urban residents can not afford to allow to acquire personal apiary, and yet nothing at all interfere with buy honey directly from the owner of bee apiaries and satisfied with it really magical properties. After all, not counting the large number of Securities for our vibrant communities of elements that included in the honey, it's also very tasty product.

And by the way we are accustomed to from childhood, that will certainly have to be a useful bitter and tasteless. A deliciously honey all these prejudices remove completely. In order to create a supply of honey for the winter months, you can go to retail outlets in search of really authentic food, but you can only ask for resources, where the bee products sold, You can tell directly from the apiary. While a number of services is also available and delivery of honey, I mean, really seriously save your free time to walk to retail outlets, especially today, when the weather is not particularly has to festivals. Coming to the direct producers of honey, it will be sure that the nutritional and medicinal product really is a natural and high quality. Also today there is a probability buy honey of the year in which the best preserved without exception, useful component. Since each of us thinks about his health. Because to keep personal health, strengthen blood vessels, nervous system, and in addition the heart muscle, the best solution – it is a natural bee honey. When choosing honey, you get a long and happy life.

Baby Food

Products are divided into six major groups: Group 1 – milk, cheese and other dairy products; Group 2 – meat, poultry, fish, eggs, Group 3 – bread, flour, cereals, sugar, pasta, pastry; Group 4 – Fats (Butter, cream, vegetable fat), 5 groups – vegetables, Group 6 – fruits and berries. For nutrition must be a rational combination of products of all these groups. Milk is a product with high nutritional value. Dairy proteins are digested by 95-96%, fat at 90-96%, carbohydrates, lactose 98%. Is a source of mineral salts, trace elements necessary for the formation of bone and teeth, for blood. Milk rich in vitamins – B1, B2, B6, B12, pp, pantothenic acid, biotin, folacin, choline. In infant formulas use cow's pasteurized (raw and fortified), sterilized, fortified, milk-fruit drinks, canned milk (dry, concentrated, condensed milk).

On the basis of whole milk manufactured food products for children: dry and liquid adapted milk formula for newborns and infants, baby cereals diet. Cultured products made from whole cow's milk. They are a good stimulant of digestion, inhibit growth of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic intestinal flora, is widely used in clinical nutrition for children of all ages. For the manufacture of dairy products using sourdough (lactic acid streptococci, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Kefir fungi, etc.). For infants dairy products produced on a dairy kitchens based adapted infant formula ("The Kid", "Baby," sour milk "Vitalakt, etc.) or whole milk (yogurt, acidophilus milk). In the nutrition of children more older use yogurt, acidophilus milk, yogurt, fermented baked, etc.