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Diets And Health

It is observed that the pupils do not possess a good diet in its meals. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld gathered all the information. This research was developed in the school Manoel de Paula Menezes Rasp, Located in the quarter Ademar de Carvalho in the city of Lizard. However, I justify that the research was of great interest for reason to show that the community which the school this inserted one possesss in general lines, social, economic, cultural problems, and for its lack of an orientation for its style of life, that soon affects its conditions in the society. 2. Searching THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL, economists, socialist, administrators, doctors and politicians, consider that the quality of life is on to the promotion of health 3 or of welfare and that possesss the objective to promote the reduction of the risks of pssimas conditions of greets the definitive factors that condition the same one. (FIELDS and GRANDSON, 2008) the world-wide organization of the health, in 1948, defined health as being only one absence of diseases, insanities, it is a welfare absence social physicist and (BRAZIL, 1948). The Quality of Vida (QV) of the human being is and it always was in its proper hands, or its acts that determine habits for its cares as of the individual health, accomplishments of factors that help to the good functioning of its proper body and the elections of the alimentary bases for nutrition of its body. Observing the classrooms of the population it is interesting affirms that the good quality of life will be determined for factors that if associate the education and to this the feeding. Therefore, one becomes necessary that the democracy makes possible the acquisition of the right the good feeding with the actions and interventions of the state you attract of public politics that prioritize to oportunizar for the practical people of physical activities, to the leisure and the sport, and collective and individual the right of consumptions in the cities, as schools, hospitals and the proper spaces of leisure (SPSITO, 2001).

The Phenomenon Of Man

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