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Hair Care

Therefore, it is desirable to still boil water and stand in front of head washing (chlorine, for example, is completely removed by boiling). To alleviate the water well to add baking soda (one teaspoon to two liter of water). This is the water suitable for rinsing the hair with vinegar. Dr. Neal Barnard may also support this cause. Before the haircut does not need much hair to dry, wet them enough warm towel. Dry hair and difficult to comb scissors scatter in different directions, and your family will be covered by clothing hairdresser all fine hairs that are difficult to clean off. There is also a sign of old folk – the hair can not dispel the wind, so that no good nor evil man has not got any hair.

Therefore, after carefully clipping hair collect in a bag and discard. How does an instrument should have the "home barber?" First, he will need two pairs of sharp Scissors: straight and serrated (filirovochnye). Do not try to just buy expensive professional pair of scissors. You should be fine Mogilev-skie hairdressing scissors, the quality of which, incidentally, is very appreciated by professionals. Today, their you can buy in many shops and kiosks at a price of 20-25 rubles. These scissors try not to use at home: do not cut their paper, cloth – they quickly blunt. After shearing blades wet wipe with a soft cloth. In addition to the scissors, and need a good hairbrush. Be sure the plastic (iron combs irritate the skin), thin and soft, evenly distributed over the entire surface and not very sharp teeth.

Skin Bronzing

Buzzword bronzing captivates the minds of preparing for the long absence of the usual sun and autumn rains. Bronzing – is, in fact, the artificial tanning of the skin an instant, which is a natural in front of a number of advantages. First of all, the procedure can be done very quickly, in addition to acquiring the desired shade of tan you need only one visit to the studio, whereas when you visit a solarium is very difficult to achieve is the color of the skin, which seems to you the most attractive. Bronzing does not require the use of additional cosmetic products (such as sunblock), has no contraindications. In addition, it is much cheaper than going to the tanning salon. The procedure is quite safe bronzing. First, however, always carried out the test for allergy, 20 minutes after which it is already possible to do the procedure.

The solution consists of an extract of sugar cane and special chemical component DHA, causing darkening of the skin. Bristol-Myers Squibb has compatible beliefs. By the way, DHA is found in many tanners and repeatedly tested. Tan, resulting bronzing, lasts from three days to two weeks. All depends on the preparation for the procedure. So, if before bronzing make peeling (although it is not useful), the tan will last very long, you can also just take a shower with scrub, which also increases duration of effect.

The point is to remove the top, dying skin cells, and paint a new, young cells. After all, a tan will last until they die out. Since people usually skin on the face of renewed faster, more entire face lights up before the body. However, the lighting is uniform, no blemishes at the same time is not formed. Come on bronzing better in non-marking clothes, because at first a little tool can be painted, but after taking a shower, this problem disappears (after the procedure, shower shows no earlier than 7:00). Bronzing is recommended to use no more than once a month.

The Skin And Hair

The procedure for hair removal, just affects the melanin, which is located in the hair follicle. After treatment bulb which is gradually destroyed. Another advantage may be called, what impact selectively only epilation on hair without damaging the skin and subcutaneous structures of the skin of man. At hair removal can be eliminated by both light and thin hair and almost anywhere in your body. Determination of skin phototype patient. Assess the patient's skin types in accordance with the following Classification by Fitzpatrick skin types. Dr. John Mcdougall understands that this is vital information.

You must also consider whether the patient has darkened area of healed injuries or scratches. This may indicate the possibility of pigmentary changes. CLASSIFICATION OF Fitzpatrick skin types I Always burns, tans do not always burns II, tan less than average III Sometimes burns, sunburn average IV rarely burns, tans easily Moderate pigmentation V, VI always tans deep pigmentation, burns, there is no preparation. Haircut and SHAVING – Effective in areas with very short hair. The patient may shave the area of hair removal 12 hours before the procedure.

However, at least for part of the cultivated area of the hair should be at least 2 mm to be able to observe clinical outcome to determine the appropriate power level. Haircut or shave necessary for the convenience of the operator, eliminating the discomfort of burning hair, and avoid contact with the hair bulb. And as for concentration of the pulse energy directly into the hair follicle. CLEANING – field procedures must be completely clean before hair removal to remove any dirt or makeup, as they may alter the absorption of light energy in the skin. Alcohol and acetone are flammable, if used for degreasing skin products that contain them, the skin should be washed with soap and water. Bowls and napkin with agents containing alcohol, and acetone, must be removed, not in the immediate vicinity of the working machine. DRY – the skin surface to be treated must be dry. Never use on wet skin. ANESTHESIA – some patients and Some areas of the skin are sensitive to the procedures is therefore recommended to use a local anesthetic cream (EMLA, Ellamax, Topicaine), to reduce discomfort client. Application of funds and their exposure depends on the zone. ON APPLIANCE LUCILIA OBEZBALIVANIYA NOT REQUIRED, BUT STILL, IF THE CUSTOMER GOT with very sensitive skin use is possible! Before starting work, after application of anesthetic necessary to clean the surface. Do not forget sign "Informing the client on the procedure of phototherapy," which will be spelled out all the information about the client, as well as its written consent to the procedure. Successful and productive work! +7 (343) 3454564,3455045,2051813 (77)

Fitness Club

Pencil Internal century can be easily distinguished by the inscription on the pencil – is the prefix Khol or Kajal. Often the first use a pencil French brand, and the second – for everyone else, but they mean essentially the same thing. The very word "kaya" comes from ancient India, where so-called contour your eyes. Remember the make-up of Indian characters movies, and all will understand. Pencil is soft enough to not injure the delicate lining of the century (as the lower and upper), and very rich in color, indicating that the content in it for the most part pigment. Good quality pencil for long stays, but as soon as you apply it to the external upper eyelid, it is immediately printed. Typically, a white pencil exists only in the form of Kaya, in his opinion the application becomes more clear protein – a white, visually eye increases. The use of other colors is limited only by your imagination.

Finishing touches Eyebrow pencil – one of the most important of pencils. Eyebrows define your character and character make-up, so they are the most important detail of the face and should always be well groomed. This type of liner is perhaps the most dense mass and must always be well sharpened in order to draw the eyebrows do not solid line, and flavorful natural strokes. Tassel on the cap of the pen (usually it is) will allow you to feather the image and make it virtually invisible to other people's eyes. For shade eyebrows should not be different from the hue of your hair or be on a darker tone for blondes and lighter one – for brunettes.

There are also pens for correcting small defects on the face. They may be green hues (For use on redness or inflammation of the skin) and any bodily – from ivory to chocolate tan. Pencils nail in their classic form is a white mass, often on a clay base. In obtained from its use trendy European version manicure – French. These pencils, some manufacturers recommend the use of moist, lightly moistened with water, and some in classic – dry. It all depends on the composition of a pencil. As you can see, the choice of big. Try it, draw and take the risk, and you will succeed. Good luck! 'Academy of Beauty' Fitness Club 'Kimberley Land'

Anti-Cellulite Massage

For many centuries, hand massage and enjoys continued popularity is not surprising, because it improves health, raises vitality, make muscles strong and elastic skin. It's a nice way stay young and loyal assistant in getting not only from disease but from excess pounds. In the fight against cellulite, one of the most effective methods is cellulite massazh.V based anti-cellulite massage is the elimination lymphostasis. Therefore, to achieve maximum effect from the massage must take into account the presence (absence) of edema, associated diseases, obesity, etc. As a general rule of anti-cellulite cure Massage is performed only after certain preparatory stage, the elimination lymphostasis, as well as a few sessions of lymphatic drainage. Many people think cellulite massage relatively painful procedure, due to strong mechanical action, there may be short-lived redness or swelling, but these signs disappeared within a few hours or sutok.antitsellyulitny massage allows you to: enhance blood circulation normalize metabolism excrete the toxins and waste products to lose weight get rid of cellulite make the skin more elastic in the modern world, massage has become scientifically sound methodology. How we interpret Dictionary, massage – Mechanical action of special techniques on the surface of the body or any body for therapeutic or hygienic purposes. Massage increases the flow and salootdelenie, improves blood and lymph circulation, and metabolism.

For the treatment of Cellulite offers many modern approaches. It's like a hardware techniques and procedures with the use of professional cosmetics. Although it is believed that the manual massage cellulite better hardware anti-cellulite massage, massage your hands as warm up prominayut and subcutaneous fat . massage is not just the ladies over 30, but young girls who got to know what tsellyulit.Antitsellyulitny massage your legs will look younger and skin cellulite massage will give the elastic and loska.Antitsellyulitny massage in combination with other methods of getting rid of cellulite, gives maximum effect.

Ultrasound Technology

All products of this brand was developed by the world’s leading laboratories and repeatedly tested in leading institutes of Cosmetology Israel and Russia. This natural cosmetics can be trusted, it is recognized by a high quality product on the international classification. Its quality meets the standards of high professional level and make-class feature lyuks.Unikalnost company is developing a unique technology of cosmetics, which underlies the creation of all brand products Desheli. She received called “intelligent crystals.” This technology was developed, patented and tested in Israel, and is certified in cosmetic capital of the world – Paris. According to the experts – the future of cosmetics. The action takes place at the cellular and molecular level by certain active substances, which allow for the shortest possible time to bring back youth. Their task is to struggle with allergies, excessive or lack of moisture, fat content, the development of bacterial balance, restoring the skin’s immunity, protection against free radicals. They are designed to enhance the impact of cosmetic products, whose composition they go in, and maximize the effectiveness of its active components, with the help customize the skin cells at the correct frequency of the original.

Use the “intelligent crystals” in the production of its resources is entitled only to the company Desheli. Another equally effective innovation in the application of cosmetics is the photon-ultrasonic device of Kliaton Desheli. This is the latest method that calls the most powerful lifting effect. Due to the use in combination with cosmetics activates metabolism within cells, distinguished biologically active substances that activate blood circulation, normalizes skin glands significantly reduces wrinkles, smooths scarring and inflammation seal. Significantly increases skin elasticity and firmness.

Duplication of functions ultrasound and phototherapy can get visible results at the first application. At the same time Kliaton is the safest instrument in the world market of such devices, thanks to ultrasound correctly matched indeksu.Produktsiya Cosmetics series Crystal youth from Desheli is by far the most effective anti-aging remedy. This product is designed for men and women under 35 – Pro age and for the older generation (over 35) – Anti age. The composition tools are only natural ingredients: celandine extract, bearberry, chamomile, calendula oil, wheat germ oil, cucumber extract, beeswax, and more. The operating principle of cosmetics – recognition of information about all the processes of aging that are inherent in human skin and programming of their action in the opposite direction. Israeli cosmetics Desheli has all the quality certificates, is safe and hypoallergenic. This line product was a breakthrough in the world of cosmetology. Design and manufacture of cosmetics Desheli is carried out in one of the leading laboratories in Israel Hlavin. All products of this company have international patents and certificates, and ingredients – certified CTFA. At the same cosmetics not tested on animals and have animal ingredients proishozhdeniya.Plany main office Desheli is located in a respectable area west of Moscow in the elite complex “Scarlet sails”, located on the bank of the Moskva river. In the near future, opening new offices in Russia, the active development of the distribution network and launch even more sophisticated means for beauty and health.