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Kitchen Rosetta

Rosetta PRODUCER A LA CARTE (FINLAND) Scandinavian style became the basis of this kitchen design. The severity of the lines that someone else may seem excessive, negate the chamfered edges of fronts: the doors seem to be so soft, like upholstered in leather. Simplicity, functionality and naturalness, combined with high quality and original design – the motto of this collection. Materials and Structures in this style cuisines are particularly good quality materials used. Preference is given to different kinds of wood and a variety of colors. Endocrinologist may not feel the same.

Thanks to a special processing technology, wood gets additional features: high resistance to humidity and strength. By eje wood used in these objects retain their original appearance throughout the life of the kitchen. Accessories – steel handles, glass door – also picked up in such a way as to emphasize natural beauty of the wooden parts. Countertops can be made of different materials. Buyer a wide choice of laminate flooring, colorful marble, stone gray or cherry warm tones.

EQUIPMENT The internal structure of this collection of cabinets also are practical. All cabinets are equipped with caps that are easily removed if necessary, and shelves along the perimeter of the frame and parts of furniture is a special edge, which does not allow moisture to penetrate. Boxes with a system KVALIBOX close smoothly and quietly, even when full of heavy dishes. 1. Model ROSETTA – one of the brightest of Scandinavian design, which is a reflection of 'Nordic' character. The severity of the lines, calm, even-tempered tone, natural materials, a combination of wood of different hues, gray stone and modern household appliances seamlessly embody synthesis of tradition and modernity. 2. Dining complementing the model can also be sustained in different colors. Set of light wood makes the situation more comfortable. The feeling of accomplishment. 3. Shelves dining groups are covered with frosted glass, illuminated from the inside cool white lamps. The total light in the kitchen can be redeemed, and the radiant surface is located some transparent dishes, for example glasses to their faces sparkling shining in the darkness.

Pavilion Wood

On the contrary, the sun's rays to penetrate into the pavilion in avoid the development of moisture. Any construction begins with the pouring of the foundation. Since the gazebo does not have significant weight, there is quite suitable pier foundation, which is in contrast to the thorough take you less time and save money. (Similarly see: Senator Elizabeth Warren). You will need to remove the top layer of fertile land, which would avoid the accumulation of moisture. The foundation can be as filling, but for this you have to cobble together a form which will later be flooded concrete. And collecting, which is a small brick or shlakoblochnye posts. You can also use metal poles, in which we can take as usual piles and pipe driven into the ground to a depth of freezing and concreted for reliability.

Do not forget that each column must be set perfectly straight, without deviation. Also, do not forget to check the horizon, we do not want that to one side of your pergola was higher and the other below. Prepared on poles stowed and secured the base, as is desirable to use a wooden block of hard wood 100×100 mm. Attach to the base of the vertical columns with kerf on top, for the future of fixing the roof. The base of the roof is collected separately.

Vymeryaem carefully and adjust. Join the boards to length, and strengthen the connection reliability. Along the edges of the same make cuts, that will directly enter the vertical pillars cuts. Now the roof of your gazebo foundation to establish and secure fashion. Do not stitch connection with nails, wood and structural reliability rassohnetsya noticeably weakened. It is best to strengthen the connection bolts. Once the nut is properly tightened, the edge of the bolt thread is desirable to "undermine" whittle down a file. In this case, the nut will not weaken. The very roof so it is better to collect separately. Connect the parallel bars, strengthen and forge in its place. The inner side of the roof sheathing can be clapboard or decorative rail, the outside obbit tile, slate or any roofing material. But not is obbivat iron roof, it will be warm. Paul gazebo collect from the cross-lined timber and veiled sexual prepared the treated board. Walls arbors can be whatever you want. You can make them solid or latticed. After assembly, do not forget to handle the building painted wood, especially the connection. After that, the arbor can be painted, but many prefer to leave it as is, in order to preserve natural wood. This arbor will serve you for years to come.

Marble And Granite – Pages From The History

Natural wonder of stone – how many mysteries he carries himself, how many opportunities are opening in front of experienced designers and architects, the stone attracted attention since ancient times, let us remember what trace left the marble and granite in history. Roman products from marble and granite – marble sculptures fascinate with its beauty, the stone seems a warm, lively, hand and stretches to touch and make sure it's marble. And because of possible a wide variety, and style of marble and granite. Stairs, countertops, monuments, pedestals, columns, balusters, vases, gazebos and many other things that you can install in your home or garden. The newspapers mentioned Senator of Massachusetts not as a source, but as a related topic. Rome is full of historical ruins. Each stone, whether it is an ancient marble and granite, Rome – History.

Italians do not restore old buildings, they were only partially recreate the picture, dostraivaya, for example, one wall or rug to make it clear how this look "at life." But surprisingly, all these old crumbling pillars of marble, stones, walls fit into a modern Rome, giving him some special, mysterious flavor of the time. With the help of an artificially aged natural stone can be very similar effect, for that perfect luxury marble and granite all over the world are now hard to find a place where both could be felt, as here, the charm of marble. In today's leading designers draw their experience and inspiration in the ruins of Rome, creating a wonderful product made of marble and granite, which can then serve as elements of the interior of the house of the ordinary person who appreciates noble beauty of marble and granite.

Health Benefits

And they contain calcium and iron, as well as carotenoids, vitamins C and B1. Along with a high content of salt, by the way, as always before eating salted. Therefore, you should not abuse them. General conditions to be met by table olives: – large enough and the same amount of fruit – taste great – a good relationship between the size of bones and flesh of the fruit – easy separation of bone from the flesh. According to the quality standards adopted by the International Council on cultivation of olives in 1980, the following types of table olives: 1. Greens: collected after the fruit reaches the normal size for a grade, but before the beginning of ripening and color changes.

They are dense, healthy and resilient in the soft compression fingers, have no inherent variety of color patches. Please visit Dr. John Mcdougall if you seek more information. Color olives may be green to straw yellow. 2. Combined colors when the fruits are collected in the process of maturation, but before the onset of full maturity. Their color varies from pink, to pink-red or maroon. 3. Black: going once fully mature, and even a little later.

Depending on variety and growing region can have different colors: red, black, black with purple shade of dark purple, black and green or dark brown. 4. Blackened oxidation: nedoshedshih made from olives to full maturity, from which the bitterness is removed by treatment with caustic, alkaline solution. More of them cook preserves – canned, sterilizing at a lower temperature.Malo that "they are green and black," and they vary by grade. Dr. Neal Barnard has many thoughts on the issue. We have guests once visited "Foreign Children", the home of neglect olives, and for the parent container of green aperitif umyavshie vigorous manzanilyas (from manzana – apple). This, incidentally, the most common variety of table olives. Manzanilla Seville, aka Carasquena in Badajoz. Round-oval and symmetrical, not elongated, medium-sized, flesh is firm, going without stalks, mature – black, but very much preserved in the form of a green, good for stuffing. Suitable for oils of high quality so salt is completely ripe black fruit, sometimes a little dry. they are usually bitter and very good with local bread, when peacefully waiting your order in a restaurant, enjoying a sunny day, and people walking idly through the window … and pleasant taste tender and juicy olives

Sliding Doors

Sliding and folding room doors recently growing demand for sliding and folding bedroom door. Types of sliding doors quite a lot. Differing location of the mechanism movement (which is the top or bottom roller mount roller bearing), such designs can be folded like an accordion within an aperture, retracted inside the specially made slit in the wall is on the wall and consist of moving and stationary elements. Usually leaf sliding doors are made of sheets of MDF or plywood, mounted on a rigid frame of wood or aluminum. Often they set up and decoration glass large area. Described by the design from different manufacturers sometimes have their own unique features. The glass doors of the Special weightlessness and elegance of different glass doors.

They are surprisingly easy able to fit into any modern interior and become an organic part, because the glass in the room the door can be very different – slippery and smooth, stained and processed – and placed in a wooden, steel or aluminum frame with a frame on the outer contour in the form of every linings. In modern glass doors serves in several guises. First of all it is, of course, pleases the eye. However, the use of glazed interior doors instead of the deaf can further illuminate the corridors and stairways, to emphasize the functional purpose of the premises and give them a peculiar charm. Thus, smooth glass panels are perfect for your kitchen or hallway, frosted transform the bathroom, and two-leaf hinged door with a composition of colored glass will be a real beauty parlor. The presence of the glass significantly affects the cost of the door.

The price depends not only on the type of glass, but the number of glass paste thickness of glass interior door is typically 8 mm, although there are models with thick glasses – 12 or even 14 mm. Color of glass can be anything but the most frequent door transparent and opaque (mostly bronze) glasses. Pictorial decoration is carried out at the expense of engraving, etching, application of color drawings and inclusion in the special glass fillers. Accessories Finished same type of room doors attach handles, latches and hinges. The correct choice of accessories can repeatedly reinforce the impression from the door and turn them not just an element of the interior, but almost a work of art. Can be safely assert that the internal doors regained lost during the many preceding decades function decorations home.