Worldwide, it is recommended to use in the manufacture of windows for child and medical institutions 2) double-glazed window. Double glazing consists of two or three glasses. Of the two – single pane windows, three – double. Many people think differently, they say, of two glass – double glazed windows, three – a triple. In reality, meaning the air chamber.

If the two glasses, the camera is one, if three, camera two. Located between the panes frame (remote frame), it is hollow inside and filled , which in turn absorbs moisture and does not fog up the windows. jE2QzQ3RUU3Mjg=’>Elio Moti Sonnenfeld. Before you assemble and glue the stele, they are washed and dried, that there were no divorces, and then glued in a special sealant sticking to the contour of spacer on the outside at the ends as all processed by the special sealant. Chamber glass can be filled: vozdhom dried, inert gas (argon – Ar, Krypton – Kr, etc.) or sulfur hexafluoride (SF6). Most suitable for our climatic conditions found double glazing, consisting of three panes. Unicameral windows are mainly used for glazing of balconies and loggias.

If you are already on the plastic window and you do not know how to check for double or single pane windows you have? Take a lighter and light the next window, if double glazed windows, there should be three reflections of the flame, if single, then two. 3) Findings. Fittings for plastic windows – it is a mechanism. This is not something that the old wooden windows couple of sheds and latches.