Renewable energy should be used there, where she creates this principle is core of the principle of Vitramo. Electricity produced by photovoltaic panels on the roof, should be used as far as possible in the building itself and not fed into the public grid. Therefore Vitramo recommends that you pair the infrared heating system with a photovoltaic system. So it is possible, mainly to take advantage of the home-grown solar power. Only a relatively small percentage must be fed into the public electricity grid. This efficient use of electric energy promotes the legislator especially: since the amendment of the renewable energies Act (EEG) in 2009, the remuneration for any self-used kilowatt-hour is solar energy via the feed-in tariff. This direct remuneration of consumption should continue to deliver a refund advantage over the single-feed variant even after the changes planned by the Federal Government. Prerequisite to this additional compensation is that for new installations of solar power in the immediate Proximity to the generating plant is consumed (cf.

art. 33 par. 2 EEG 2009). Because the household demand for electricity, if it is not used for heating purposes, is comparatively low, the infrared heating offers a cost effective way to participate in the additional feed-in tariff to a greater extent. New heating system: total investment split new and old buildings, which are extensively renovated, will have at least until the year 2016 a heat insulation in the passive house standard.

As a result, This lower heating energy consumption also the consumption costs. Savings in this area hit so hard to beech. Why invest in an expensive heating system that only pays for itself with its energy saving potential in decades? Vitramo recommends splitting the investment sum. You should invest some of the money in installations for the production of renewable energy, such as solar or small wind turbines. Or to buy up shares in such facilities.