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Viet Nam

(Bypassing the a), depth psychology, was the application of b) Pawlowschen un-related conditioning psychology and they came directly to the c) Behaviorism (-psychology): to the delight of the industry. The meta physical Preparator (churches) were famously always the friends of each physical rulers (politicians): bad luck just for them, the cybernetic motivation really worked because people are not machines! The systemic praise reward motivation remains today rich in success (see Maslow level 6 + 7), because people seek their natural self-realization! Motivated (soft facts, feelings) are success-rich as paid (hard facts, money) s. Viet Nam war! The German Empire inevitably failed as a result of the story. A weak Emperor (he fled 1918 Holland) was a weak, democracy undesirable people up to the intolerability. It resisted the social changes despite enlightenment and reformation.

Inevitably, the Weimar Republic failed as a result of the second world war. The German people were completely undemocratic and thus incapable of consensus. You drew the wrong lessons from the political development. Hitler (Stalin) was the inevitable consequence of the history! The German people coveted him, including the intellectual and financial elite or someone else as the leader. It was emotionally addicted to a leader and had not persuaded him to follow.

Elections he emerged democratic free from victorious. We know that Hitler was not even a philosopher, he was a stupid liar without scientific education (NW, GW) in stage scenes (R. Wagner- services : rose, acting and downfall of the protagonists with above and below worlds) thought and spoke (Poland to Stalingrad to Berlin; Gottes-Vorsehung, fate). I have his book, 1924, as eighteen appeared completely read. “Originally posted 1 A. Hitler about the German people: we wanted only their hearts, their minds, never.” Quote 2 A. Hitler over Stalingrad. (mutatis mutandis): A people who can not fight and suffer, didn’t deserve me as a leader.

Big Box Full

Like photos remind us of our past. Memories of baby and kid are probably unaffordable for most parents. Whether you are now kept in a simple shoe box or in a colorful and ornate box: mementos of childhood and youth of their own offspring are something very special. And that there are other memorabilia in addition to many photos, want to be stored in the personal treasure chest, yes okay. Not only photos are great memories not only with photos and videos from childhood are connected beautiful memories. There are many things which even more emotions attached, as on the colorful photos from the baby album. The first ultrasound scan, for example, the greeting cards to the birth or the name bracelet, which receives every baby in the maternity ward at the hospital.

Also a cute rompers, from which the child is already outgrown, tiny shoes or the christening gown are among the priceless pieces of favorite of many parents. Milk teeth, a blond curls and the first self painted pictures for MOM and dad remind kindergarten time, seahorse badge on the lined swimming lessons in elementary school. You make up your own memorabilia memorabilia, you have made together with your child, are probably the most beautiful. The little ones can help even actively at hand – and footprints for example. This simply mix two cups of flour, a cup of sugar and a three-quarter Cup of water and stir the ingredients to a firm smooth dough. If this is neither sticks nor too dry, you can knead it into a flat disk and bring it into the desired shape. Hands or feet, like both, now find their place on the disk. Now the name of the child and the date with a small wooden skewer into the dough cut and Pierce a hole in the top of the disc. So you can hang also him after drying in the oven at about 150 to 200 degrees.