Bob Marley, singer of reggae, considered a Patriarch of the rastafari culture, music was born in a small town to the North of the island of Jamaica, located in the parish of Saint Ann, between the mountains. Well, this place that saw him be born and grow, now is the place most visited by her fans, especially your House, that has been turned into a mausoleum, where you rest the remains of this legendary singer. This colorful House, is also named as a national monument, after decision by the Government of Jamaica. Currently, the House is the headquarters of the international record company Marley Tuff Gong International s. The inhabitants of the island, considered reggae music as his popular hymn, is part of the culture rastafari, that almost all the island’s inhabitants feel identified. His followers regarded Bob Marley as his guru. To get to the House, a detour is taken towards the interior of the island before arriving at Montego Bay, if coming from Ocho Rios. Anyone local will tell you because every Jamaican knows where his idol was born.

Excursions programmed from the hotels have also organized, this information is useful especially for people not travelling on their own. After entering an area of soft green landscapes mountains, is passed through several villages where it is observed the authentic Jamaica. Finally it reaches the birthplace of Bob Marley who is now fenced and controlled by the foundation that bears his name. But as any had them before, you can opt for a scheduled tour. This island has cheap hotels, in this way, tourists and fans can enjoy mythical experience.