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We go to answer the above-mentioned investigations: What apstolo of the Biblical point of view is one? If you love the word of God and it desires to live for it then we go to see what the Bible says concernente to this controversial subject. What apstolo is one? Pablo, in the general direction was a servant of Christ, but in a special direction apstolo was one. Why it says that he was ‘ ‘ chamado’ ‘ to be apstolo? Because Pablo if worries soon at the beginning of its Epistle (Rm.1: 1) in saying that he was called to be apstolo? Well, many people at that time were questioning Pablo as apstolo, was its opponents and thus Pablo was defamed. He was considered false apstolo. She was only representing. They said that it never had been with Jesus. But Pablo says clearly and with vigor that was so apstolo as the twelve.

What apstolo is one? It is a special and very peculiar craft. One proves of that is that Jesus called the 12 disciples (TM 10) and ‘ ‘ it gave to them to be able on the dirty espritos, to banish, and to cure all disease all and mal’ ‘. In v.1, Mateus the flame of disciples and in dumb versicle 2 for apstolos. Why this? Because nor all disciple was apstolo. Some disciples had only become apstolos. We can confirm this when reading Lucas 6:12 – 13. ‘ ‘ he called itself its disciples, and chose twelve amongst them, which also gave the name of apstolos’ ‘. Let us observe that, twelve of the disciples had been only nominated and chosen. What he means the term apstolo of the Biblical point of view?

Josh McDowell

In this phase the ultrasound can identify the sex of the future baby. After nine months, the embryo is apt to survive outside of the maternal organism. In the first months of life, its development it is surprising. Beyond physical transformations, it passes for an intense intellectual and social learning. ' ' The complicated and fascinating reproduction cannot be resulted of perhaps. The scientists cannot explain the reason of the life.

Why the life if develops? Why the life is different? Why it has similarities between the varied forms of life? Why it has differences? Those that give the reply of ' ' evoluo' ' they are not explaining, only describing a possible chain of events. They are not explaining the reason. In final analysis, the life always will be a mystery for cientistas' '. ' ' A corpse, for example, still consists of the same chromosomes, same molecules, same atoms, the same elements of the living person. But he is not alive.

The life if was. The scientists can observe the differences between the alive things and deceased. But they cannot explain what he is vida' '. ' ' When the Christians say that God is the Creator, are mentioning it Planner for backwards of the plan, to Intelligence for backwards of intelligence, to the Proponent for backwards of the intention, and to the Mind for backwards of the complexity of universo' '. ' ' The evolucionistas that catch substance and energy, and they add time, had not yet decided the problem. A planner or programmer is necessary. The Christians know this Planner as Deus' '. Josh McDowell planned You everything our respect, that can honor it for all the life.