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American Life

The heading above suggests, that with modifications in our lives, can have a significant profit of quality of life, however so that this occurs, it is necessary that some paradigms are modified. The first paradigm, is that we must work in precocious disgnostic, many times, a simple measure of GLICEMIA, can alert for a fact that can be being unfurnished that it is a possible daily pay-diabetes, that if will not be taken attitudes adequate can cause serious agravos to the health. Another paradigm is to change alimentary habits, the modern and estressante life, finishes in compelling to look them the fast, however, this type of feeding brings obtains a substance series that the human organism would not have to ingest, subject this that will be seen with well-taken care of greater which had its importance in said ' ' emergent illnesses in ours sociedade' ' , as the DIABETES, OBESIDADE, that if nothing will be fact, will become epidemics, that finish precociously cutting with a scythe lives, phenomenon already observed in society as the American north. The last paradigm of this article to be questioned is the modern, full life of comfort, aparelhoes electronic of last generation in house, but in the reality we are a TOTAL SEDENTARY generation, what it catalyzes the decurrent problems of the obesidade, generating many illnesses and aggravation of others as much. What one suggests, is that let us can look at some patologias in more careful way, and verify that they are prevenveis, on easy precocious diagnosis, however they depend on changes of daily habits, articles could be written on some situations where some attitudes can make difference in our life!

Sustainable Development

The sector of the Civil Construction is great generator of residues, then the reutilizao of the discarded material in the workmanship by means of the recycling is of basic importance for the social environment, a time that, is if applying what Sustainable Development is called. The Sustainable Development is the use of the resources of conscientious form without harming the future generations, therefore, is main for the formation of a new social paradigm in relation to the positioning of the attitudes of the man and its relation of respect to the environment, since, although subject on the protection of the nature very to be argued little is applied in the practical one. On the basis of this vision, to generate new ways of the use of what it is considered unusable, it is that the recycling of residues in the civil construction, makes possible the support, therefore generates mechanisms based on the reduction of the natural resources, and at the same time it is spread out necessity on the recycling of residues. The recycling inside of the sector of the Civil Construction, it instigates diverse advantages: It reduces the use of the natural resources, a time that, is being generated by means of the recycling products that do not need partial or total of the removed raw material of the nature; It generates economy in the construction, in virtue of is if using residues reaproveitados for a useful function; It promotes the protection of the environment, from the reduction of residues for storage in areas the opened sky, and moreover, it even though makes possible the reduction of the necessity of places to store the residues; It increases the technology generation, in the recycling process they can be adopted new mechanisms of large-scale production, with this, the competing companies, expand its studies and they increase the quality of its products for better acceptance in the market; So that if it recycle the residues of the civil construction, a study deepened on the material is needed that will go to be reaproveitado, to verify if the logistic one is viable for large-scale application, the cost benefit, and the main one, diminishes or not them ambient impacts and of that it forms are applied what it is understood for Sustainable Development.