In today's highly competitive market for target companies use a variety of channels to deliver information about yourself to a potential customer. While popular, are generally the cheapest channels, which, nevertheless, can provide access to a wider audience. One of these advertising channels, print on the packages branding (logo) of the company. Print on the packages – just a cheap and effective tool when it comes to deliver information to a wider audience and pinning it to the consumer's mind. The package has a "second life". You present your souvenir, which was previously the "package" in the package logo, and in human consciousness has already secured a positive image of your company (who does not love presents?). But at the same time, the package is used in everyday life, fulfilling its primary function is the load.

And there is already such advertising, like print on the packages, paying off in full, as information about your company almost always before the eyes of your potential customers in the use of the package. Printing on packages There are two types: flexography and silk screen (silkscreen). Print on the packages using flexography usually used if you order large print runs. The advantages of this method of printing on the packages that you get quality printing (comparable to offset or gravure printing), and significant savings. Screen printing on packages, or otherwise known as serigraphy, is used in small print runs. Advantages of this method just as the possibility of obtaining bright images at the order of small runs. This type of printing on the packages can be used not for mass production packages, and for example, in the manufacture of exclusive gift packages for presentations or exhibitions of unique, when the main task is to reach the maximum audience, and to carry out "pinpoint" attacks on the desired customers. Of course, printing on packages, not a panacea, if you need increase the number of customers, but this advertising channel can significantly contribute to attracting potential customers and partners.