Based in publications on invoicing, handbooks and registers of nursing, the author mounted a printed matter that searchs the possibility to contribute with information on the correct fulfilling of the handbook. This document can facilitate to the learning and the sensitization of the health professionals, especially nurses, for the importance of the handbook as document of test in legal questions and during the hospital invoicing, when the notations of nursing and other professionals for the collection of the costs of the attention offered to the patient are used. The MANUAL For the elaboration of the manual appealed the playful resources to it involving referring aspects to the basic contents of the actions of the team of nursing for the fulfilling of the hospital handbook. The use of these resources, more necessarily of engravings, contemplates the playful and aesthetic dimension, translated in language artistic and at the same time didactic. This is a didactic instrument in the measure where it articulates the process teach-learning, thus facilitating, the dialogicidade enters the diverse levels of knowledge (ALMEIDA, 2003). The orientation manual is composed of nineteen pages, numbered sequentially, consisting of a layer with a figure representing a face in handbook form. The drawn face presents great eyes, make reference to one reference 13 alert how much to its importance for the patient and the team to multidiscipline.

It can be said that the handbook is ' ' olhos' ' of the diverse involved social actors in the assistance in health. One is still visualized bocarra as aluso to the fact of the handbook ' ' falar' ' on diverse nuances of the routine of each patient. The first page describes the component elements of the hospital handbook, with its basic functions, becoming it of easy understanding. Reflecting on the elements of the handbook one perceives that these form a set that joined delineates action of attention to the health.