The first years of his life marked fire its existence, due to sudden changes experienced and which were as slaps, as succession, not you gave him time to recover, when now came the next. He was booted from his homeland, his paradise, without explanation, to lead a hard life, violent, and full of unsatisfied needs. Such was his rebellion, which was on the verge of falling into the abyss of crime, where it is impossible to succeed. A phrase heard passing hondo Calo in his being: look, kids like that, are future offenders, as if an angel had come to shake it by the shoulders saying: reacts, you are falling into a dark hole! He had always sought the light, life, nature, the good, God, and was not willing to follow a path that would lead to a lack of everything, so it still, without strong guidance and example, proposed choosing only those actions that serve to advance. Thus managed to study, work and maintaining a family, but never He could return to his paradise, moreover, his paradise no longer existed, but in their memories. This reality, more the stress of modern life, and the weariness of the years, led him to having to walk through hospitals and clinics seeking the lost balance. The wheels of the Chair spun fast through cold corridors, dodging hurried steps and traversed stretchers, waiting to be moved to apply x-ray equis or ultrasound waves, in an environment steeped in an indecipherable mix of medicines and antiseptics.

Suddenly, an invisible lightning insensitive eyes, produced a Flash at the crossing of two lives, one that ended and another began. The Chair he is crossed with the stretcher of his past, a too large stretcher to that boy bare torso, with a bloodied shorts and covered face with his own shirt, unequivocal sign of the absence of life. Many times his mother had imagined it, having no news for several days, until they appeared to receive his reprimand. Hence in forward, little by little his balance was restored and managed to live fully in the new paradise that his positive energy helped you design.

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