Come! Solar, ringing, welcome! Again led to believe the best, give a start, catch up and reach for the life-giving rays of her. Blink of happiness and relief to exhale: "wait!" In the spring, along with nature come to life and hope. In the spring you want to be vigorous, strong, handsome and fit. I want to smile and catch yourself admiring glances on. I would like tripping and shine in her eyes.

And to back straight and shoulders straightened. Learn more at: Tree of Life Tai Chi Center. AND vitality throughout the body. It would be desirable together with nature, cast off the winter torpor, and prettier bloom, enjoying the warmth and close the fly. Well, these desires are natural, because the spring – this time the upgrades. And we would blossom under the warm spring sunshine, if not notorious spring fatigue. After all, how much effort given to the fight against colds, infections, depression. And then there's spring beriberi … But do not lose heart.

There are many ways to help your body to meet the best time of year cheerfulness. I woke up – Pull! And better start with morning exercises, or rather with a morning stretching. The smooth, graceful movements help to shake off the remnants of sleep, strengthen muscles and activate the metabolism, joint flexibility and return will give energy. Waking up, stand in front of a mirror and lift your hands up. Right hand, grasp the left elbow and try to slowly stretch the whole body right. Feel the pleasant tension in the muscles. Then do the same thing, changing the hand position. Try to do the exercise safely, without stress. Now roll it back muscles. Slowly bend forward as much as possible below, his hands relaxed and dropped down. After that, slowly lean back, trying to bring together the shoulder blade. Arm muscles relaxed, his head thrown back (with back pain exercise is not recommended).

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