Smoking spiral work about as well. The only difference is that they set on fire by hand, the poison they emit more and use them only need the fresh air. Otherwise, the poison is not only mosquitoes, but humans and pets. Physical methods of mosquito control are diverse. The easiest – prihlopyvanie insects by hand or a newspaper.

Modification of it – vacuum suction – very useful in homes with high ceilings. And so the room does not have flown New bloodsuckers on windows and doors is desirable to hang mosquito nets. More large-scale method of physical extermination of mosquitoes is not aimed at adults, and the rising young. As is known, the females lay eggs in clean stagnant water. It is best suited for this purpose, swamps and wet basements. That means they need to drain! Now I understand why under the Soviet regime a lot of effort was given to land reclamation.

Americans, by the way, went the other way. Not to disrupt the natural balance, they offered to build a dam around the wetlands and flood their surface water. In running the mosquitoes to breed more complicated. The following method – ultrasonic. It is known that certain signals frequencies inaudible to the human ear, causing mosquitoes something like panic. This phenomenon is based on the action of pocket mosquito emitters. While the instrument is turned on, closer than a meter, no insect is not approaching. A resourceful South Korean mobile operators sk Telecom three years ago offered to its subscribers: only a few dollars, anyone can upload to your phone, mosquito ultrasound.

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