Weaveeing a thought in relation to the construction of Social Psychology, it is to salutar to search in its origins as this if it developed while science and while practical. Due to World War II many European academics, professors and scientists migraram for the United States. With this the debate enters the cognitivista theory of Gestalt x Behaviourism was essential to develop Social Psychology. From then on some courses of doutoramento in Social Psychology had been being created in the universities. That the studies of the masses and changes of attitudes had as interest, this was tied very with the capitalist spirit, in what if it made necessary for the United States to become enlarged and they kept its hegemony in the world. Thus being, thinkers as Robert M.

Farr in its book Roots of Modern Social Psychology, 2000, it said that ' ' although social Psychology to have its roots in the Europe, the flowers are essentially americana' '. In this last one where this if developed and later was exported to other parts of the world. This if gave for reconstructions of the universities of the Europe and Japan. It is interesting to mention that the formadores were all formed in the United States, in this way, all the knowledge base was done from the American American context and American experience, point of view, without mentioning that the questions at least were ressignificadas pra the cultural context of these countries. This same influence happened in the universities of Latin America, therefore the professors made its formations of after-graduation in the United States, bringing all obtain a basement of a more psychological psychology of what social. Where if he takes in consideration everything what it was practical, alone that the man did not take itself in consideration as a historical being, active; of such to form that many of the done and corroborated research in the United States were impossible of if reproducing here (in Latin America).

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