Sliding and folding room doors recently growing demand for sliding and folding bedroom door. Types of sliding doors quite a lot. Differing location of the mechanism movement (which is the top or bottom roller mount roller bearing), such designs can be folded like an accordion within an aperture, retracted inside the specially made slit in the wall is on the wall and consist of moving and stationary elements. Usually leaf sliding doors are made of sheets of MDF or plywood, mounted on a rigid frame of wood or aluminum. Often they set up and decoration glass large area. Described by the design from different manufacturers sometimes have their own unique features. The glass doors of the Special weightlessness and elegance of different glass doors.

They are surprisingly easy able to fit into any modern interior and become an organic part, because the glass in the room the door can be very different – slippery and smooth, stained and processed – and placed in a wooden, steel or aluminum frame with a frame on the outer contour in the form of every linings. In modern glass doors serves in several guises. First of all it is, of course, pleases the eye. However, the use of glazed interior doors instead of the deaf can further illuminate the corridors and stairways, to emphasize the functional purpose of the premises and give them a peculiar charm. Thus, smooth glass panels are perfect for your kitchen or hallway, frosted transform the bathroom, and two-leaf hinged door with a composition of colored glass will be a real beauty parlor. The presence of the glass significantly affects the cost of the door.

The price depends not only on the type of glass, but the number of glass paste thickness of glass interior door is typically 8 mm, although there are models with thick glasses – 12 or even 14 mm. Color of glass can be anything but the most frequent door transparent and opaque (mostly bronze) glasses. Pictorial decoration is carried out at the expense of engraving, etching, application of color drawings and inclusion in the special glass fillers. Accessories Finished same type of room doors attach handles, latches and hinges. The correct choice of accessories can repeatedly reinforce the impression from the door and turn them not just an element of the interior, but almost a work of art. Can be safely assert that the internal doors regained lost during the many preceding decades function decorations home.

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