On each cruise offers an extensive range of Board you must not necessarily book a cruise on a ship from AIDA Cruises, to the benefit of many Board programmes or adventurous and expertly prepared shore excursions. On the modern cruise ships, there are today a wide sports, entertainment and education. The program of the next day every evening, see your cabin. On the big cruise ships, some time is needed to get an overview of the Board’s program. So extensive is the list of courses and activities. Today the most modern wellness and fitness Temple are self-evident. In addition, there are also climbing, mini golf courses, or even a whole course on deck in addition to the obligatory jogging course.

Numerous games and dance classes keep guests on sea days on the pool deck at whim. In particular the dance courses under the open sky are very popular. Cooking classes and cooking demonstrations round off the offer. In the fruit – and Gemuseschnitzer reap of course always the biggest applause. But what is now irresistible charm of a cruise? What makes so many people who once sea air have gained on a sea voyage, cruise fans? Besides the luxury on a floating hotel and the convenience, i.e. not like at a broader country travel constantly to change his domicile also the many distractions in pleasure, adventure and fitness areas, bars, shopping malls or about casinos, surely other important factors, such as the relaxation effect on sea, the maritime atmosphere on board and in the ports of call, a breeze of adventure and discovery of desire with curiosity about foreign countries and an avowed play, because each assignment among erlebnishungriger people as well as the breath of the exclusive in a withdrawn by the everyday world, a role. Certainly, even today many participants with a cruise want to demonstrate their outstanding social status and belong to a privileged layer of illustrious.

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