The registered medicine names and materials, as well as commercial products must be written by extensive and not be shortened. Generic names must only consist, followed between parentheses of the name of the manufacturer, the city and the country where it was manufactured, separate for comma. For the abbreviations standardized form must be used, for units of measure, must be used the legal units of the International System of Units (ITSELF). The baseboard notes will be indicated by restricted asterisks and to the indispensable one.

Structure of the text them original articles to follow the format: Introduction, Methods, Results, Quarrel, Conclusions, Gratefulness (optional) and References. The clinical cases must present a concise Introduction, brief Revision of literature, Story of the case, Quarrel and Conclusions that can include recommendations for behavior of the told cases. The revisions of literature must present Introduction, Revision of literature, Quarrel and 4,4 Conclusions Redigir the possible text whenever in the third person and of impersonal form. References the references must in sequence be cited of appearance in the text, be numbered in sequence increasing and normatizadas in accordance with the Vancouver style (). The references do not have to exceed the number of 30. The headings of the periodic ones must in accordance with be shortened ‘ ‘ List of Journals Indexed in Index Medicus’ ‘ ().

National and Latin American magazines to consult. Point after the shortened heading must be placed. The mention of the references in the text must in accordance with be made by Arabian number in involution form and numbered the list of the references (being able, however, to be increased of the names of the authors and the date of publication between parentheses). If they will be two authors devese to cite in the text both separate for the conjunction

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