As advances in the training it is included/understood that the diets do not prosper when they do not consider that the body is result of the style of life and the style of thought; and that the style of life and the way to think are the direct result of emotional currents. A good style of life is the turn out of a healthful way to think and the healthful way to think can be obtained healing the emotions that become ill to the thought. States such as the anguish, anxiety, melancholy will inspire thoughts opposed to the euphoria states, optimism, joy. To change foods without changing the way to approach the life not always is, at least hardly produces a lasting result. The change in the way to approach life arises naturally from the huge observations. The torture, the abuse of the will force, the restriction, some support battalions, some proposals of fasting, the prohibitions of the foods that are adored, the dependency of the count of calories, to support pains hunger, to vomit after eating aid not to thin and not only to maintain a state vigorous but is framed between the main people in charge of the stuffings and bounces of weight. The obesity is reaching the rank of epidemic ; in the western culture the public health agonizes.

Many die because of disturbances in the nutritional habits product of cultural impositions tyrannous people in charge of the proliferation of these two main ghosts in this scene: the anorexy and bulimia. In the majority of the countries developed the service of Public Health sample preoccupation because people of any age, including juniors, already comprise of the population of risk of cardiac attacks, diabetes, dysfunctions in the metabolism and the system of defenses, between numerous sufferings. The diets abound and the desperation on the part of the affected people to return to an ideal weight has turned the business of the diets and fitness into one multimillionaire.

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