‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ Referring managemental hypotheses to the nature humana.’ ‘ The texts make a boarding of a general and well ample vision on some theories, hypotheses and studies that had appeared in elapsing of history, to explain and to define the nature human being and to try to understand the behavior of the people in the organizations with the objective to improve the relations between employed and masters and also to increase the productivity in the companies. Organizacional Psychologist looks for to develop a concept of the nature human being, in order to provide to the entrepreneurs some ideas to help if better to relate them it with its employees. The organizacional psychologist search in the theory of the motivation the explanation for the behavior of the people in the organizations and thus to define some parameters to understand the nature better human being. To understand the motivation and the human behavior she is necessary to develop a set of hypotheses on people, and to point out this hypothesis in a sociological context /situacional and desenvolvimental. Sociological/situacional? them to be human, in one definitive situation, they in accordance with act the meaning that this situation has for them. She really does not obtain yourself to understand that type of situations the dignity of a person represents threat without if considers the situacional and sociological perspective, without the norms and values of determined person inside are studied of its group. Desenvolvimental – the necessities, the values and the norms in accordance with change the evolution of the society, the organization and also of the individual (Sheir, 1978, Hall, 1976). The motivation standards are also influenced by a organizacional perspective, that is, the way as the employees are treated by the company, the types of norms and values, the types exerted authority and power..

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