How to prepare weediness soil over a large area for planting lawn grass? Preparing the soil under the lawn is not limited only to the destruction of weeds. Start her best with agrochemical analysis. Well, when pH close to neutral – if you do not have to pick up a special mixture of lawn for the acidic soil. Very acidic soil will deacidify, otherwise you will only grow so horsetail reeds. The easiest way to use this purpose, chalk, and dolomite powder is good. And, of course, the land must be fertile to a depth of 20 cm For cultural grass, like all horticultural crops, rather capricious plant. Please note that on the bare clay will not work a good lawn, even if you have planted a mixture designed for clay soils.

Clay is fertile enough, but the looseness must add the humus, sand and peat. So it is with lawn, designed for sandy soils. Sand soils are very poor in nutrients and retain moisture. They would be nice to add a fertile soil, organic matter – compost, compost. You can and peat, which will be a good source of food within a few years.

In addition, the sandy area will have to make a clay castle to retain moisture. He is a 5-10-cm layer of clay at a depth of 30 cm so that the entire area will have shoveled. In flooded areas, where long standing water, you need to install drainage ditches. And even if you decided to have a lawn to garden beds to place the cultivated soil, it makes sense to plant the first green manure, such as lupins or fatseliyu. Lupin to close up the soil under the green beans and spring dig site. After fatselii enough spring digging. And now about the weeds. They also begin to fight in advance. In autumn it's time to handle site Roundup. Just keep in mind that this should be done in dry weather. Our experience has shown that a period without rain should be no less than a day, six hours, as indicated in the instructions is not enough – in any case. In the spring digging, try to carefully select all the rhizomes and roots of perennial weeds. Before sowing the grass we usually dig the soil 2-3 times, level, and in dry weather, always pour. These two goals are achieved. First, the seeds to germinate provoke weeds, which contains a huge amount of land, and destroy their harvest. Second, align the soil: the surface must be perfectly flat. Every time we remove the bumps, hollows fall asleep. And then the earth ukatyvaem rink and finally align. After planting mulching seeded area. For this purpose the most suitable turf. You can certainly use a mixture of sand with humus, humus but contains a lot of weed seeds, so that we should not complicate their lives with unnecessary weeding.

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