Under the influence of pelvic massage there is expressed a direct and reflex stimulation of large areas of skin exteroreceptors abdomen, perineum and external genitalia, vessels interoreceptors viscera, endometrium and myometrium of the uterus, peritoneum, bladder, and rectum. Pelvic massage causes significant changes in the blood and lymph circulation in the uterus and other organs of the abdomen: improved arterial circulation, leading to a decrease in venous congestion and increase metabolism, and simultaneously accelerated lymph flow, which leads to rapid absorption of exudative fluid that accumulates in the bodies and pelvic tissues, with inflammatory infiltrates become softer, education, and especially dense union, reduced and absorbed. Pelvic massage indirectly, through improved circulation and increased metabolism, exerts a positive influence on the functional state of the ovaries, on the menstrual and secretory function of the uterus. In general, massage increases the tone of the pelvic tissues and the abdominal cavity. In addition, improves the general condition of the patient, increases efficiency, reduces irritability, pain disappear, improved appetite, normalized sleep, bowel function and urinary bladder. For the treatment of gynecological disease presents a wide selection of physical treatments: ultrasound facilitates the rapid resolution of scar-adhesive and infiltrative-adhesive structures of internal female genitals; electrophoresis with copper provides analgesic, anti-inflammatory and resolving the action on the structure of adhesions, as well involved in the biosynthesis of pituitary hormones and ovarian cancer, thereby normalizing the endocrine function of pituitary- Ovarian systems, laser biostimulation of female infertility is intended to eliminate the inflammation of the uterus, ovaries, and in the tissues of itself in the uterus, stimulates peristaltic Activity yaytsevodnyh ways, has a positive impact on the process of oocyte maturation and increase its ability to accept sperm, etc. Often becomes the method of choice in the treatment of reflexology gynecological diseases, as premenstrual syndrome, tuberculosis, pelvic ganglionevrit, menstrual disorders, vaginismus, menopause, etc., where the need to normalize the autonomic nervous system (stimulation of the reflex activity or sedation), to relieve pain, etc. .

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