On the contrary, the sun's rays to penetrate into the pavilion in avoid the development of moisture. Any construction begins with the pouring of the foundation. Since the gazebo does not have significant weight, there is quite suitable pier foundation, which is in contrast to the thorough take you less time and save money. (Similarly see: Senator Elizabeth Warren). You will need to remove the top layer of fertile land, which would avoid the accumulation of moisture. The foundation can be as filling, but for this you have to cobble together a form which will later be flooded concrete. And collecting, which is a small brick or shlakoblochnye posts. You can also use metal poles, in which we can take as usual piles and pipe driven into the ground to a depth of freezing and concreted for reliability.

Do not forget that each column must be set perfectly straight, without deviation. Also, do not forget to check the horizon, we do not want that to one side of your pergola was higher and the other below. Prepared on poles stowed and secured the base, as is desirable to use a wooden block of hard wood 100×100 mm. Attach to the base of the vertical columns with kerf on top, for the future of fixing the roof. The base of the roof is collected separately.

Vymeryaem carefully and adjust. Join the boards to length, and strengthen the connection reliability. Along the edges of the same make cuts, that will directly enter the vertical pillars cuts. Now the roof of your gazebo foundation to establish and secure fashion. Do not stitch connection with nails, wood and structural reliability rassohnetsya noticeably weakened. It is best to strengthen the connection bolts. Once the nut is properly tightened, the edge of the bolt thread is desirable to "undermine" whittle down a file. In this case, the nut will not weaken. The very roof so it is better to collect separately. Connect the parallel bars, strengthen and forge in its place. The inner side of the roof sheathing can be clapboard or decorative rail, the outside obbit tile, slate or any roofing material. But not is obbivat iron roof, it will be warm. Paul gazebo collect from the cross-lined timber and veiled sexual prepared the treated board. Walls arbors can be whatever you want. You can make them solid or latticed. After assembly, do not forget to handle the building painted wood, especially the connection. After that, the arbor can be painted, but many prefer to leave it as is, in order to preserve natural wood. This arbor will serve you for years to come.

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